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5 Famous Casino Players Who Made Millions from Gambling




5 Famous Casino Players Who Made Millions from Gambling

Famous Casino Players

Many believe gambling is risky and tend to avoid it to protect their fortunes. However, there is no way to make good money that does not involve a certain level of risk. Since many gamblers have lost a good amount of money in casinos worldwide, many believe it holds no financial game. However, there are famous casino players who have proved this theory otherwise.

Kevin N. Cochran, an industry expert, said he considers gambling an investment. Any investment can go wrong in the starting days. However, things can turn around once you get the hang of it. Several bettors who used to be average casino patrons have turned their lives around, making millions after honing their gambling skills. This article will review some of these legends who have made their history with casino online real money games. They include:

  • Bell Benter
  • Zeljko Ranogajec
  • Edward Thorp
  • Phil Ivey
  • Mikael Mase

1.Bell Benter

Bill Benter is considered the most successful bettor alive. Luckily for Bill, he was a genius who greatly understood mathematics and physics. Unlike most people with his abilities, Bill did not try to become a scientist. Instead, he used his skills to make good money, starting with the blackjack tables. Benter was unbelievably successful to the extent that people were scared to bet against him as they were sure they would lose their money.

After a very successful gambling streak, Benter was eventually banned from casinos in Las Vegas as his success was too much to handle. He is worth roughly a billion dollars and became this rich after successfully crafting a formula that predicts the results of horse races. Like every bettor, Benter did not always have a 100% success streak. He was, however, intelligent and patient enough to figure everything out, amassing wealth for himself.

2. Zeljko Ranogajec

Like Benter, Ranogajec is also a successful mathematician and gambler whose success got too much for casinos to handle. In the gambling world, he is known as “The Joker.” He had near-impossible wins in several Australian casinos till he got banned. Besides being a mathematics genius, Ranogajec also had a very photographic memory, which became a handy skill in the gambling world. Other than that, he was also very skilled in banking and finance.

After getting banned from several Australian casinos, he decided to use his skills to predict the results of horse races. However, the star gambler lives a secretive life, which is quite understandable considering his huge fortune. He is the biggest keno winner, earning $7.5 million in a game.

3. Edward Thorp

Thorp is considered the father of cards for a good reason. He was a consistent card player, never succumbing to defeat. He is also a mathematician, but this fact did not make him the wealthy millionaire he is today.

Thorp got wealthy by playing blackjack and baccarat at the casinos for years and eventually dominated these casinos, becoming a reputable card player. He also decided to use his skills to make even more money and predicted market movements. Thorp invested in multiple stocks he predicted to be successful and became even richer. Today, Thorp’s net worth is estimated at $800 million.

4. Phil Ivey

Phil is one of the  online casino players who has made millions. As a professional poker player and renowned champion, he has gotten several big wins, earning about $30 million from live tournaments. Since his teenage days, it was certain that he’d become a legend as he was already referred to as “The Tiger Wood of Poker.”

In addition, Phil has won millions from gambling online. He won several bracelets in the World Series of Poker and eventually won the Los Angeles Poker Classic for roughly $1.6 million. He was also the youngest to become a member of the Poker Hall of Fame.

Phil Ivey

5. Mikael Mase

Popularly known as Mikki Gambler, this man is one of the players who made millions from casinos. Mikki Gambler is a professional player who is very popular on social media platforms, especially Instagram. He is a high stake gambler, and he posts some gambling tips on his social media accounts.

Mikki Gambler is worth several million dollars, a fortune he presumably got from the casino. There are several pictorial pieces of evidence of his winnings on his social media platforms. Some of these pictures also feature legends like Esfandiari and Adelstein.


These reviewed players are only a few who have experienced casino real money, and several others have created a fortune for themselves from gambling. Making millions from gambling is not easy, but with planning and consistency, it is an achievable feat, as proved by the famous casino players mentioned in this article.

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