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A camera application which can automatically remove people from different photos



A camera application which can automatically remove people from different photos

As a misanthrope who is living in a vibrant city people are never short of things to complain about. The main problem that people face when taking a picture in a crowded city is that people end up appearing and crowding the photo. This problem of people coming into the photo is not a problem anymore. A new application called the Bye Bye Camera has become very popular which helps people to remove unwanted people from a photograph.

Something like this was very needed because now people can click better photographs without having any unwanted people in the background of the photograph. This was not an easy thing to do but the company can complete this application smoothly. The application is very effective and people are really happy that something like this is finally available in the market.

The new app, Damjanski told Artnome, is:

 “an app for the post-human era… The app takes out the vanity of any selfie and also the person.”

Fortunately, it leaves dogs intact.

The whole procedure is done in a self-conscious arty way. It is important to understand that if humans are necessary for the picture or not. If they are not necessary, then they will have removed in no time at all.

The main technology that By Bye Camera works on is Artificial intelligence which is already available for taking in the world of research. The application ends up using YOLO which stands for You Only Look Once which is a very effective object classifier and can also detect humans in a short period of time. There is a very similar tool in Adobe which is scaled context aware fill. That is also done with the help of Artificial Intelligence. You can delete people from any picture you took and the background will be filled keeping the background in mind.

The results have been mixed because there have been times when the Artificial Intelligence was not very effective in nature and the image background was not filled in a proper manner.