Crack open networks with the use of Androdumpper apk

By | August 30, 2018

Androdumpper apk: With the wireless networks being our major source of internet, everyone wants to access and enjoy the free internet but unfortunately, that is not much of an option as they have secured passwords, so it is not that easy for you to just peek into the network. Well, people have tried cracking open the wireless connection, and the good news is that there are applications developed for getting into the network. Androdumpper is one such Android apk used to hack into the WPS Wireless routers which are very weak or vulnerable with the use of algorithms to get into and hack the wireless network. It works on Android update of 5 and more. The ultimate aim of the app is to get immediate and free access to nearby any Wi-Fi network. But the app makers have created this for the only educational purpose.

How to install Androdumpper apk?

  • The easiest way to download androdumpper is from the Google play store itself.

download androdumpper

  • You just need to search for the androdumpper app and then click on the install button.

androdumpper app and then click on the install button

  • Your app will be downloaded and added to the app section on your phone.

If you are not downloading the app from the play store, then you might have to download the Androdumpper apk from any third party source. You will need to make some changes in the settings by allowing access to the blocked sites that is allow installation of any apk file from unknown sources. After the change of settings, you can begin with the installation.

For iOS users, this app is nice and has a really good interface. You can download Androdumpper apk for free, and till now there has been no application like this for the iOS device.

A feature of Androdumpper app:

  • This app helps to connect to the nearby Wi-Fi connections available even when it is secured. It needs to be secured with WPA security, or WPS enabled Wi-Fi routers.
  • This app is basically for the sake of testing and educational purpose. This app does not indulge in activities like hacking and is not responsible for it if someone is using the app for another purpose.
  • The app needs the location permission for the Wi-Fi network scanning by the Android.
  • The app uses some algorithms to get into WPS vulnerable networks.
  • Rooting is not very necessary if the phone supports an Android version of 5 (Lollipop) and up.

In Android 5 you can use the application to connect even when you are not rooted, you will have access to the password in both the versions. But in an Android version of 4.4 or earlier your device needs to be rooted in building up a connection or else you will not be able to access it.

  • If you are already aware of the WPS PIN, you can connect with the help of the app and get the password with your PIN.
  • If you have already connected to a device earlier and it is under your saved network, then you need not connect to it again, it will give you access to the password easily.

How can you access the Wi-Fi nearby?

  • You will need to enable the Wi-Fi on your phone.
  • Now go to the app section and open AndroDumpper.
  • The available nearby networks will come up on your screen once the Wi-Fi network scanning is finished. There will be WPS protected networks among all the networks found. You can try and connect it.
  • If your device is rooted, you can use the method to both connect and show password.
  • After this you will have the option of “Try With”: Custom PIN, No Custom PIN and Bruteforce(for rooted users only).
  • Now the app will try to connect to the network, and if it is successful, the network details will come on the screen with the name and the password. Now you can copy the password and use it.

If you want to use the app on your desktop but are not able to figure out, there is an easy solution to your worries.

  • You will need an android emulator for downloading the application. The commonly used android emulator is Bluestacks and Android, so download it from the official site of Bluestacks.
  • After the download, you will need to install the emulator on your pc.
  • After the installation, open the android emulator software and download the Androdumpper app on your PC and run the installation.
  • In the bluestack, type Androdumpper on the search bar. You will be asked to log in to your Google mail account. Give your username and password, and you will get the search results.
  • In the search click on the first app and then on the installation button.
  • Within a minute or few seconds, the Androdumpper app will be downloaded and installed on your computer in the android emulator.

Many people find issues with the Androdumpper application, the reason being that all the networks are not WPS enabled. It can only get into the networks which are WPS protected and the networks which are kind of vulnerable that is WPS bug affected. The other network protected are WPA and WPA2, and it is not easy to crack open this protected network as they are just not possible to hack. If even one tries with Bruteforce, it might cause harm to your phone as it may burn your phone with the use of very high power.


This app is very useful for people those who need to be always connected to the internet but make sure to get into any problem because the Androdumpper app is made only as a testing and for educational purpose, and they do not intend on making it as a hack tool, and they do not take responsibility if the app is used as source of hacking. Just follow a few steps, and you will easily be able to hack into a protected WPS network.

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