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Bird gives confirmation of new addition of Scoot



Bird is on a mission to acquire the electric scooter and Scoot which is moped Startup.

Travis VanderZanden stated that:

  “We are thrilled to welcome Scoot to the Bird ecosystem and look forward to working with the Scoot team as we further scale our complementary missions – to replace car trips with micro-mobility options for all,” and he also added that “Together we will make a bigger impact on our riders’ daily lives and the cities we serve.”

Before the acquisition took place, the Scoot was evaluated with a price of around $71 million funding with a funding of $47 million. In the year of 2011, Scoot came in the market for the first time. At that time, it had a fleet of electric mopeds. It was far better than any kind of electric bikes and scooters.

Scoot and Bird didn’t reveal any information about the deal. But they made a deal with WSJ which had the price of $25 million. The deal was completed with a combo of stocks and cash. Kate Clark of TechCrunch stated that the deal was less than $25 million.

Michael Keating who is the co-founder of Scoot stated that:

 “Since we launched the first electric vehicle service you access with your smartphone, we have pursued our mission of Electric Vehicles for Everyone and showed cities that shared, electric mobility is a convenient, fun, and affordable way for citizens to get where they need to go,” and he also added that “With Bird, our mission remains the same, but the scale at which we will pursue it, and the vehicles we will offer will be so much better for our riders and the cities we serve.”

The acquisitions show the path for Bird to launch their electric scooter in San Francisco. This can be a new thing which will have a monthly rental service. The information reveals that they need a new owner to so that they can run this project.