Download Case Clicker 2 Mod Apk Latest Version V2.1.8a

By | August 30, 2018

Download Case Clicker 2 Mod Apk Latest Version V2.1.8a: Case clicker is a game which is a combination of the terrific Counter-Strike and Clicker games. Now you might wonder what clicker games are. These are video games which are based on clicking on the screen numerous times and performing small repeated actions. Counterstrike is a very popular game which is based on first-person shooting games. The game is that a group of terrorists try to cause and spread terror with planting bombs and the counter-terrorist try to prevent this terror by finding the bombs and defusing it.

Download Case Clicker 2 Mod Apk Latest Version V2.1.8a

How can you download Case Clicker?

  • The steps to download Case Clicker app is pretty simple. You can find the game in the Google play store.

download Case Clicker app

  • You need to go and search for “Case Clicker app” on the search bar on top. After that, you must complete your download by clicking on the install button the screen.

Case Clicker app

  • After you are done with the installation, get ready to start the game.

If you cannot download it from the Google play store, you can try an alternative way of downloading the Case Clicker apk from the third party site. But before you go ahead with the download and installation make sure you give them access to your phone to allow installation from ‘’unknown sources” because your phone may block installation from any source on the website to prevent any suspicious download. Now, you can go on with the download.

How can you download the game on PC?

  • To play the game on PC, you will need the help of an android emulator like Andy and the best part is that it is for free, so you can easily download the software.
  • After you are done downloading click on the installation file for the software to get installed on your system.
  • After the installation of the software, open the android emulator software and download the Case Clicker app on your PC and run the installation.
  • In Andy, type Case Clicker app on the search bar. You will be asked to log in to your Google mail account. Give your username and password, and you will get the search results.
  • In the search click on the first app and then on the installation button.
  • Within a minute or few seconds, the Case Clicker app will be downloaded and installed on your computer in the android emulator.
  • After your download, you can launch the Case Clicker and play the game using a mouse or a keyboard. You may also use the touchscreen. You can use the control button for zooming in and out.
  • You may also download a remote control app for accessing the game.

Features of the game:

  • The game is focused on completing unknown missions. The player will be given a case with a mission inside.
  • The player has to find the right key to open the case and get the mission. There will be plenty of cases the players will come across.
  • At the very beginning of the game, the main aim of the player is to buy the right key which also means the player needs to get money. This money will come as a reward when you complete the missions.
  • The game is very similar to counter strike has a lot of shooting, killing and stabbing. The cases which the player receives is something like arm deal contracts and the weapons inside the box are powerful rifles, handguns, and knives which are used to accomplish the mission. The weapons have different corresponding prices.
  • The game has plenty of updates, and one has the option of modifying the weapons to the slightest extent. There are almost 175 upgrades, 600 achievable skin, and more than 200 stickers.
  • The best part is that you can earn money by selling the weapons after you have received them, knowing the trade price. You can put up a selling price accordingly.
  • The game has a really good 3D graphics. Everything looks pretty realistic which adds more fun to the game.
  • You can have your luck with jackpot rewards. Jackpots are almost given on a daily basis. With the items, you receive you may put it for trade and put up your market value. If the thing on sale is rare, you will attract a lot of buyers.
  • The game has a total of 150 achievements. All the achievements are different with different cases, keys, features, and jackpots.
  • The game also features a ranking system. The player starts with a silver ranking which goes up to the elite rank when the player continues playing the game for a while. If you luck favors, there are many cases and keys which will help you get to the top rank.
  • The game features capsules and stickers. These contain bonus points, souvenir, any items for sale or any collectible item.


People loving action games and have had played Counterstrike will definitely like this game which is developed by Mateusz Pawlifinally. This game is different than the other types of game. Well, you must know few things to play the game with ease and win.

  • Whenever you tap on the screen for opening cases or getting money make sure to use two fingers at a time which will help you to complete the task faster.
  • You must never open all the cases at once all together. Open only those cases of which you are sure of having good weapons.
  • No one likes distraction in the game, but on watching an add you get free bonuses which are important as a part of the game, so make sure you watch the random add videos.
  • For making money sell the weapons which will not be used by you. The guns are not needed in the game other than trading.

The game is a click game so the more you click, the more rewards you get in the game.

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