Windows Conhost.exe Removal Guide

By | January 31, 2019

Conhost.exe Removal Guide: If the question is, what is that one thing that we absolutely love after our phone? The answer will be undoubtedly our PC and because our PC is so precious to us, we cannot let anything bad happen to it. One must have heard about the computer viruses and Trojans, which enters into our laptops or computers and ruin the functioning of it. One such Trojan is the Conhost.exe. This is basically software that remains on our computer, but the effect of it very bad. It behaves like any other virus that is there in our computer and thus spoils all the good things that are there in it. In this article, we will discuss it in brief. Also, there would a complete guide that will be useful for the removal of this Trojan.

Introduction to the software

Before going into details, let’s first try and know what Conhost.exe is. There is a particular location where this software resides and you will be surprised to know that this one is licensed software component. The basic sign of this software on your computer is that if your computer is not behaving properly and hangs at times. This is a kind of threat to your computer and if it is not taken care properly, they can destroy all your files just like that. The Trojan can enter into your system through some spam emails, advertisements; browsers add-ons and stuff like that. one needs to be careful about all these things at the first place and if you have diagnosed any such signs for your PC then you need to seriously check this virus out and should get rid of it immediately.

The result that is caused by this software component is so harmful that one cannot even think. This malware works in such a way that the user could not find it easily. It destroys your system slowly and smoothly by creating lots of spam and it also checks that the removal of these should not be an easy task for the user. By now, one must have understood as how dangerous this could be and at what level the destruction could be caused due to this malware.

One more aspect of this is that every time you are deleting any process from your PC you should be more than sure about it. Suppose, if you come to know about this Trojan and are deleting a particular file from your computer, then please do not think that the work has been done and risk is removed now. Always remember, the virus has already created such spam that is not this easy to remove.

Windows Conhost.exe Removal Guide



If we talk about the methods that are used in removing this Trojan then there will be a list of it, but the two of the most popular tools that are used for this purpose are as follows. The working of it will be explained in detail.

#1. Spyhunter anti-malware

The function of this tool is to scan your PC in the best possible way and then to detect the problem that is there. The working of this anti-malware is very quick and this also removes the problem that is there on the PC. If you are thinking that from where we can get this tool, then this could be downloaded very easily from any of the relatable sites. For the functioning of this tool, one needs to download this one and then needs to install it on their PC. After the installation is complete the user needs to follow the instruction that is given there and they should launch the application.

Spyhunter anti-malware

Spyhunter anti-malware

Once the application is launched, you need to put your PC on the scan. After some time, the scan will be completed. Once this is done, you will get to know about the threats that your computer has. If you will look at the application carefully, then you will come to know that there is the option of fixing all the threats. Click on that button and you are done. This process will not only remove the Conhost.exe but all the possible threats that your PC has. Once you will use this tool you will also come to know as for how amazingly this works.

#2. Malware bytes

This tool is also somewhat like the previous one. The basic similarity between the two is that both of them are used for the detection and fixation of the malware that are there in your computers. The other similarities lie in the functioning of both of the tools. Both of them first scan the PC and then fix the bugs that are there in the computer. To download this application the method is again the same. You just need to find the required link from any of the related sites and then needs to install it and then launch it. One thing that should be done with utmost care is the use of the given instructions. This too has the option of scanning the PC and the process starts from it only. Once the scanning is done, there will be a list of the threats that are there on your computer. So, find out the fix threats button and click that. After this, you are done. All the problems that your PC had will be removed by the time, along with the Conhost.exe. For this tool, you can try the free version of it that could be used for 30 days.

Apart from these downloadable tools, there are manual methods too that could help in the removal of the Conhost.exe. What the experts do is that they remove the files that are there apart from this one and then delete this. This is a very effective method.

So, any malware or Trojan is a threat to our computers and these should not be tolerated at any cost. Especially this Conhost.exe should be removed immediately after one gets to know about this. The above methods may help in doing so.

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