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Discussion With Niantic CEO John Hanke On The Launch Of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite



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It is been only three years when Pokemon Go was launched. People went crazy over the game so much so that you could trace players almost everywhere on the roads.

The rising popularity of the game took the company Niantic to great heights. The company had started out as a small experimental lab under Google. It was an attempt made by Google to stop John Hanke, the founder of Niantic to part ways and start his own thing. With the launch of Pokemon Go, the team reduced dramatically and then increased rapidly, all while managing Go’s server from buckling under demand.

After long, Niantic is back with a new title Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The game is built in collaboration with WB games. The concept of the game is location and real-world based.

Just before the game’s UK/US launch, John Hanke had a word with Greg Kumparak. They had a short discussion about the game. How they prepared for the games’ launch, how Niantic’s partnership going on with WB games and other important topics covered the chat session.

John Hanke stated that they had other projects they could work on but Pokemon GO came in early so they got started with it. He also added that Harry Potter is one project that was there from the beginning. They were thinking of doing the project for a long time. Finally, they are able to give it shape.