GTA San Andreas Apk & OBB Download [Latest]

By | April 2, 2019

GTA San Andreas Apk & OBB DownloadMobile games have always created hype among our generation people and if a PC game could be installed and played on phones, then it is the best thing. One such game is the GTA San Andreas. In this article, we are going to discuss each and every detail about this game, right from the features to the way of installing it.

GTA San Andreas Apk & OBB Download

GTA San Andreas Apk


For any game or even application, the first thing that matters is its features. The features decide whether the game is good or not. Following are the features of the GTA San Andreas.

  1. It has an amazing graphics and animation feature. This feature is something that makes the look and the appearance of the game, so good. This is also something that distinguishes it from any other game
  2. One of the biggest problems of any game starts when we are in the middle of it and then suddenly we have to leave it for some reason. If you are not doing well at that time, there is no issue, but if the game was good, we feel so sorry as the whole progress that we have done till now get spoiled. Here, in this game the scene is different. There is the option of cloud saving. With this amazing feature, you can actually save your progress for the future. One thing that makes it even better is that this saving process happens automatically.
  3. There are not many mobile games, where you find some literal control keys. We definitely use some keys for the control, but they are very virtual. The GTA San Andreas apk has got some real control keys. These are dual analog sticks and with the use of these keys, the control over the game becomes easier. These keys can easily control the characters of the play.
  4. Now, the question arises for every mobile game is that whether it is compatible with the particular device or not. It has been found that this game is very compatible with various devices and thus one needs not to worry about it.
  5. As mentioned earlier, this game has got an amazing graphics feature, but if you are facing any certain problem with it, then you will thank the makers of this game for uncountable times. This game has got something that most of the mobile game’s lack. That thing is the option of graphics settings. Yes, you read that right.
  6. We all must have faced this problem that the particular app or the game is amazing, but we could not use them, as we do not understand the language in which they function. This problem does not come with GTA san Andreas. The reason behind this is that the game is available in multiple languages, such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian and Japanese. This feature of this game makes it very unique and significant in comparison to other such games.

All these features altogether work and make this one an incredible game. From reading the above features one must have understood as for why this game is so popular among every age group people.

Description of the game

After the features of the game, it’s time to discuss some more details about it. This info is about the latest version of the game. The name of the latest game is GTA San Andreas MOD apk+ data. The size of this apk is 26.6 MB. The OBB size of this game is 1.76 GB. The version of this game is v1.o8 and if you have a mobile that has the android version of 4.0 and above, then you will be able to play this game easily. Only a game enthusiast will understand the feeling of playing the latest version of the game. However, each version of the game is amazing.

The happiness level of the players will be at the peak when they will come to know that the particular game that they wanted to play is free to download. This makes access to the game easy, but there are still some people who do not know how to download and install the game. For such people, we are all there to help. The GTA san Andreas apk download is very easy. To have it on your phone, follow the following methods.

  1. You need to download the apk of GTA san Andreas. For this, you will have to find a site that could provide you the link to download the apk. Once you finish downloading the apk, you need to save it your storage device.
  2. After you have finished the download and storage of the apk, you need to turn off the mobile data or for that matter the wifi of your mobile.
  3. After finishing the previous step, all you need to do is to start installing the game on your mobile. This should be done from the apk that you have already saved in your phone.
  4. Once you have finished this step, what you need to do is to go and check the storage folder and you will find the zip file of the game that you installed right now. Do not try to open the game just after the installation.
  5. You must know that there is an OBB folder there on your mobile. Now, that you are there in the storage section, you need to extract the file that you downloaded and then you need to drag this extracted file to the OBB folder. If there is not any OBB folder on your phone, then you can create one.
  6. This was the final step of the process. Once you are done with it, you can open the game and can start playing it. Enjoy the game with some real and amazing features.

The points that are given above not only will give the readers the idea about the game, but also will help them in installing it easily on their phone.

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