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How to Fix Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Issue?



Any problem that your PC faces become your headache. Till the time the issue is not fixed, you do not even breathe properly. This condition is very obvious, as our PC is some much important to us in every aspect. This is the reason why we cannot bear any defect in it. Realtek high definition audio driver issue is one of them. This is an issue that is caused due to some internal problem only, but the effect of it is very dangerous. This is the reason, why we need to fix this issue immediately. If it is not fixed, the whole system could collapse and the whole data will get destroyed because of it. Now, everyone has a different perspective on doing or seeing something. The same is the case with the fixation of this issue. There may be methods to fix this, but the best two are mentioned below. Also, before you go and try to fix the issue, ensure that the issue is actually there. There are certain steps that could be followed to make this a surety.

How to Fix Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Issue?

How to be sure about the bug?

Before you start fixing the problem of your PC you need to know whether the problem is there or not. If we talk about the Realtek high definition audio driver issue, then there is a method of checking it. The method can be used to ensure whether the computer has this problem or not. To ensure this problem one just needs to check the status of the driver in the device manager. After you get to know that the PC has the problem, you should start following the method to get rid of this. Following are the steps that one needs to do.

  1. You first need to run the “run” command. For this, you need to press the R key and the Windows key together. This should be done at the bottom left side of the screen.
  2. After you finish the first step you will see that the run command has worked and there is a search bar in front of you. In that search bar you will have to write “devmgmt.msc” and then you need to press enter. After you do this process, you will see that the device manager window is open and that too very instantly.
  3. Once you finish the previous step you need to expand the video, sound and the game controller. You will understand the importance of this step further.
  4. When you will expand the video, sound and the game controller, then you will notice that there is the Realtek high definition audio option. Either case will be that you will find the high definition audio device option. Now, to know about the fault in this is very easy. You just have to find a yellow mark near this option. If there is a sign of question mark or exclamation mark and if these signs are yellow in colour, then you need to start worrying about your computer. This is the sign that there is an issue in your system. After this, you need to fix the issue immediately.

If we talk about the fixing of this problem then it could be done very easily by updating the audio drivers of your system. Now the real problem starts with the methods of this update. There are two methods in which one can update the audio drivers of their system. One is the method by which the update could be done manually and in the second method, the update could be done by the automatic method.

Method #1: Update Your Audio Drivers to Fix Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Issue

Manual method

To update your audio drivers easily, you need to have the required skills as this could not be done by everyone. Also, you need to invest some time in your search for such devices that are compatible with your computer. You need to search for the Realtek audio driver windows 10 and you will get many options. The reason that we are mentioning that it will need some time, is that there are a lot of options and you have to choose from them patiently. Once you get your Realtek audio driver windows 10 half of your problem is solved.

To install the required driver to follow the following steps.

  1. You need to visit the website where you could find the Realtek audio driver windows 10. Just keep in your mind that the driver should be compatible with your PC.
  2. Once you have downloaded the driver, you need to install it. The installation process could be done by following the instructions that are given there.
  3. After the installation is done, your work is done.

This is the manual method of updating the audio driver of your computer. You just need to find the site from which you could download the compatible device for your computer and once you have done this, your driver is updated.

Method #2: Confirm it’s a Driver Problem

Automatic method

The next method is called the automatic method. This is again a very simple method. All you need to do is to download the Driver easy. This is a kind of open source utility that will help in getting rid of this problem of your PC. This tool functions in a very amazing way and finds the best compatible driver for your device. Now, this not only saves your time but also saves you from doing the mistake of installing a wrong driver for your PC.

It functions in the following way!

  1. You just need to download the Driver Easy utility on your PC. You can search for the link of it on any of the online sites.
  2. You just need to click on the scan button, once the download is complete. This will scan your PC and then detect the problem for you.
  3. Then you click on the update button and the compatible device for your system will be downloaded automatically.

With these points, one must be able to understand the threats of this bug. This article also tells us that if you are installing something to your device, then the compatibility test is the most important thing.

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Error Fix

Windows 10 Startup Folder Not Working – Fix it with Our Guide



The Easy Way Out

This is basically a complete guide to solve the ‘Windows 10 Start-up folder not working’ problem. If you are facing the same kind of problem, make sure to check out this article. This article will help you to learn all the tricks that you can use to solve this problem of Windows 10. If you are using Windows 10 for your Personal Computer or Laptop, then this article is very much important for you. The most important thing to do right now is figuring out if this is the same error or not. If the error that you are facing is Windows 10 start button not working, then here are a few solutions to the problem.

Windows 10 Startup Folder Not Working – Fix it with Our Guide

The burning question right now is that how can you solve the problem of Windows 10. There are a lot of people who are facing issues when they try to open a certain folder. This guide will also help users to solve that problem.

What is the function of the Windows 10 Start-up folder?

The first time when users were able to see this folder was with Windows 95. This folder generally contains all the program list that generally start up immediately after the computer is turned on.

The main function of the startup folder is to store and run all the shortcut programs in the Windows operating system. Users will be able to edit and modify this folder according to their needs.

List of Start-up folders in Windows 10 operating system:

All the Windows 10 users basically use two types of startup folder. The types of start-up folders are listed below.

  1. The first folder is basically at the system level which is applied to all types of users.
  2. The second folder is basically for the users and this folder is specific to a particular user.

If you have a program file in your start-up option, then your program will still start no matter what.

How Windows 10 prioritize programs?

It is very much important to have a clear idea about how exactly Windows 10 prioritize itself. The start-up folder does not launch after the boot program is done. Windows operating system generally gives this folder a predefined launch order.

  1. The first thing that Windows launch is the critical system process.
  2. The second thing that the Windows does is follow the system instructions.
  3. Finally, Windows checks out the start-up folder and launches the program files.

It takes very less amount of time for an operating system to launch the service and task that are there in the Windows start-up folder. If users have too many programs running in the folder then it might take more time to start the Windows Operating System.

What is the location of the Windows 10 Start-up folder?

There might be times when you need to find this folder so that you are able to make changes in the folder. To find the folder users should go to all users and follow all the step that are listed below.

Method 1: The Easy Way Out

The Easy Way Out

  1. Open the File manager in your latest Windows Operating System
  2. Then Open the C drive and then go to All users then App Data Then Roaming then Microsoft than Windows then Start Menu Then Programs Then Start-up.
  3. Once users have accessed these folders you will be able to check out folders that generally start when you start your Windows Operating System.

Method 2: Using Shell Command

This is an alternative method and this is done by using shell command. Users will need to use Command Prompt to make this method work.

  1. The first thing that users need to do is simply open up the Windows Start button which is generally located in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. You can also open up the Windows Start option by simply pressing the Windows key from your keyboard.
  3. There you will be able to find a search bar.
  4. Users need to simply type ‘Run’ in the search bar and press Enter.
  5. This will open up the Run dialogue box. In the Run dialogue box simply type “shell: common startup”
  6. Once you type this simply press enter and you will see the Start-up folder pop up in front of you.

shell- common startup

How can you access the Start-up folder for users who are already logged in?

If you have already logged into your Computer or your Laptop, then you can simply access the Start-up folder by following the steps which are listed below.

  1. The first thing that users need to do is simply press the Windows Key in their keyboard and then presses R at the same time.
  2. Users can also click on the Start button which is located on their screen.
  3. In the start bar, users need to find the search option and type the command Run.
  4. Once the Run program is launched you can simply type “shell: startup”
  5. Users will now be able to see the Windows 10 startup folder in front of them.

How can users add new things to their Windows 10 startup folder while logged in?

Once users are able to access the folder of Start-up they will be able to make a lot of changes on what program they want to launch when the Windows is turned on. Here are the steps on how you can do it.

  1. Open the Startup folder by the steps listed above.
  2. Once the folder is open users will be able to delete any application which they don’t want to launch during start-up.
  3. If you want to add any program on your own all you need to do is simply drag the program shortcut in the folder.
  4. Once you drag it the shortcut will immediately create a folder in the start-up folder.

Windows 10 Start-up Folder Not Working

Generally, people using Windows 10 report two common errors. The errors are listed below.

  1. Windows 10 start-up button not working
  2. Windows 10 start-up folder not working

It is very much important to realize that all the errors and find out. There might be a different reason why this error occurs in the operating system.

If you want to fix the start button all you need to do is write all the details and then follow the steps. Here you will be able to find the solution to your startup problem.

Windows Startup Manager

This is one of the easiest ways to fix errors by simply finding out the error files that have stopped working in the folder.

Follow the instructions which are given below:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is simply open up the Task Manager by pressing CTRL, SHIFT, and ESC at the same point of time.
  2. The open the Task Manager from the Startup tab.
  3. In the next step, users need to select all the programs and then disable them all.
  4. In the next step, users need to start enabling each program and check if the error is still there. Check till the error occurs again.
  5. This will help you to figure out the file that is causing the error.
  6. Once you find the application simply uninstall the application and restart your Computer or laptop.

If you want that application, then reinstall the application again and you will be good to go.

Create manually a batch file

If you are unable to add programs in your Windows 10 startup folder then you can simply create a batch file and stop the problem.

Once you are able to successfully create a batch file you will be able to add programs easily. Here are the steps are given below on how you can easily create a batch file.

  1. Users need to create and also open a new text document in their Windows operating system.
  2. Then users need to simply copy the line which is given in the next step
  3. @echo off”CProgram Files\DAEMON Tools\DTLauncher.exe” exit
  4. Then users need to replace DAEMON Tools and simply add the path of the program to add it in the startup folder.
  5. Simply save the file
  6. After saving the file make sure to change the extension from .txt to .bat
  7. Simply close the document and find the batch file and double click it.

This is a problem a lot of people are facing right now who are using Windows 10. This problem is nothing major and users will be able to solve it simply by following the steps which are listed above. With help of this article, users will be able to add as well as delete all the programs which they do not want to start on the launching of Windows 10 every time. This guide will help users fix all the problems which are related to Windows 10 Startup and the folder not working error.

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Error Fix

What is Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe) and why is it causing high CPU usage?




The Desktop Windows Manager which is also popularly known as the dwm.exe is basically a Windows Service which is very much responsible for all kinds of effects that are available in the desktop. The Desktop Windows Manager requires some resources so that it is able to run by itself. All the desktop which are new is build in such a way that it is able to handle the Desktop Windows Manager. The main function of the Desktop Windows Manager is to render different visual effects that are available on the desktop and also provide some of the features which include transition animation and HD support. The Desktop Windows Manager will help to create all the smooth animations in the operating system making everything look so perfect. This also helps in creating the transparent effect which comes in very much handy for the people.

A lot of people end up saying that the Desktop Windows Manager consume a high memory or CPU which is kind of true. The Desktop Windows Manager is generally seen in the PC with the name of dwn.exe. This service takes up about 50-100 MB of the memory available which is about 3 percent of the CPU. It is totally up to the system on how much memory it will be consuming. If the PC has a lot of open Windows animations or processes this might end up slowing down the whole procedure. This is often the reason why a lot of people face frame freeze.

What is Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe) and why is it causing high CPU usage?



Solution to the Desktop Windows Manager problem:

If you are facing problems of freeze frame and you do not know what to do, then you can always try out the steps that are listed in this article.

  • If the Desktop Windows Manager in your PC is using a lot of resources, you can simply change the wallpaper or the theme that is installed and go for a simpler one. This will help to speed up your computer because the PC will not be requiring a lot kind of resources for basic themes. Make sure to disable the screen saver because screen saver is another place where a lot of resources are used. Make sure to change all the personalization settings to default so that the least amount of resources is used by Desktop Windows Manager.
  • It is very much important for users to optimize their Windows. You can always use applications like the Performance Trouble-shooter which will help to optimize and understand the problems with the PC. Users will be able to run the Performance Trouble-shooter simply by opening up the Command Prompt and typing “msdt.exe/id PerformaceDiagnostic”. This application will automatically optimize all the applications by itself.
  • Users will also be able to search for the application called the Performance Options and in that, once they click on the Visual Effect they will be able to find the option Adjust for best performance and simply press apply.
  • It is recommended if you are facing some problem with the freeze frame, then simply use the Basic theme so that it will improve the battery if you are using a Laptop and also improve the performance of Windows.
  • People have said that once they update all the display drivers they are able to see the difference. You can also do that and simply update all the display drivers. Users will be able to check the updates of the display drivers from their PC.
  • There is a lot of software which ends up making the Desktop Windows Manager very much slow. Users should always make sure that they do not have any kind of software installed on their PC which might end up overloading the Desktop Windows Manager.
  • The dwm.exe is the file which is installed in the System 32 folder. If you are unable to find it in its location, then you can be sure that this is a virus that has attacked your PC. Make sure to run a thorough scan and kill all the virus. Once all the virus is dead the Desktop Windows Manager will be back to normal.
  • Users also have the option of running a clean boot, so that everything in the PC is removed and then the computer will be back to its normal position and the efficiency of the Desktop Windows Manager will increase drastically.
  • Users also have another thing that they need to check if they are facing over CPU usage for Desktop Windows Manager that is the problem happening because of the hardware acceleration which is there on all Office Products. Users will be able to check this by simply disabling the hardware acceleration. This solution is temporary. You can disable all the accelerations for the Microsoft Office products and check if the speed of the PC is back to normal. If nothing changes then you can again go back and you will now be sure that the problem that you are facing is not because of any hardware acceleration of Office applications.
  • Nowadays, a lot of applications are providing with the Dark mode. If you are using a dark mode for any application make sure to switch it back to default because this might be the reason for the frame freeze. The dark mode sometimes responsible for using a lot of memory from the CPU.

Here we have listed down all the problems that your PC might be facing because of the Desktop Windows Manager. The freeze frame is a problem which is faced by a lot of problems. This article will help you to find the problem for the over the use of CPU and once you are able to find the problem you will be able to fix it yourself. This problem is nothing major and users will be able to fix it themselves. Make sure to read the article carefully before jumping into the whole procedure of fixing the problem related to the Desktop Windows Manager.

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Error Fix

Vulkan Runtime Libraries – What is VulkanRT error? [FIXED]



Vulkan Runtime Libraries – What is VulkanRT error? [FIXED]

Those who have used Windows operating system in their personal computer or laptop for a long period of time might have noticed Vulkan Runtime Libraries installed in all the programs that are installed in their operating system. The first question that generally comes in the mind of people is that should they remove the file or not. Today in this article we will be giving a clear idea about the libraries with help of which people will be able to determine if the file is important to them or not.

Vulkan Runtime Libraries – What is VulkanRT error? [FIXED]

Vulkan Runtime Libraries – What is VulkanRT error? [FIXED]

The word Vulkan Runtime Libraries basically indicate VulkanRT which is is graphics API. This is a file which is pretty much similar to OpenGL and DirectX. This is a runtime file which is not used by all the games. All the games which are new generally use this file. This is the file which helps users get a better performance with a much lower GPU usage. All the games which will be releasing in the future will use all these files. Since the popularity of this type of file is increasing day by day there are video card manufacturers who have made Vulkan Runtime Libraries a must has in the PC to play all kinds of video games.

Use of Vulkan Runtime Libraries by graphics card manufacturers

The reason why all the graphics card manufacturers use Vulkan Runtime Libraries are as follows:

  • This file gives the users a very smooth gaming performance because of the efficient multithreading.
  • The minimal GPU usage because of the lower overhead.
  • A simple driver for graphics.
  • A good control over all the hardware related to graphics.
  • Modern and open architecture
  • Cross-platform support which includes Android, Windows, and Linux
  • Also supports in Mac operating system and iOS with help of other third-party websites.
Vulkan Runtime Libraries

Vulkan Runtime Libraries

Why is Vulkan Runtime Libraries necessary for the computer?

All the big graphics card manufacturers are using VulkanRT so that they are able to deliver better graphics performance. There are big graphics card manufacturers who generally come with Vulkan in their graphics card drivers. NVIDIA and AMD both ship the Vulkan drivers along with the graphics card. If users are installing their drivers for the video card the Vulkan RT file gets automatically installed in their computer or laptop. If you are using a manual was of installation of the Vulkan Runtime Libraries, then also you will not have the option to skip the installation. This is the main reason why a lot of people do not have any kind of idea about Vulkan.

What do you basically do with Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

As we have talked earlier users will not have to do anything with the Vulkan Runtime Libraries. It is not a virus or a malware. It is basically a new graphics PAR file which helps in rendering high definition content in a much thinner drive. This is the reason why the use of this file helps in the increase of the CPU performance. Like we have discussed that all the latest games use Vulkan Runtime Libraries it is also important to know that there are a lot of games which do not use Vulkan Runtime Libraries.

Why is Vulkan a threat according to the antivirus?

Vulkan libraries are generally installed silently on the Windows operating system they are not a threat to the computer or the laptop. There are times that the antivirus will flag the file as a malware but that is generally not true. This is basically a false positive which all users should ignore without being scared.

Should you remove the file Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

A lot of people will be asking the question that whether they should remove the Vulkan Runtime Libraries. To get the answer to this question the user need to read further. It is recommended for the user to not remove the Vulkan Runtime Libraries because without the help of this file user will not be able to enjoy their favorite games. If users remove the Vulkan Runtime Libraries file then they will be encountering problems like poor High definition rendering, unable to use the screen resolution which is desired, unable to play recent games and overhead GPU to cause glitches and crashes.

What do if the Vulkan Runtime Library is already removed by you?

As we have discussed in this article Vulkan Runtime Libraries should never be removed from the computer. If users have already made the mistake of removing the Vulkan Runtime Libraries, then you will not be able to enjoy all the latest games and videos to its full potential. If Vulkan is removed once, then users will not be able to install this back as an independent application. None of the manufacturers generally allow the independent download of the Vulkan Runtime Libraries file. Users will be able to solve the problem and install the file simply by following the step that is given below.

How to remove the Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

It is recommended for all the users to have Vulkan Runtime Libraries installed on their computer or their laptop. If users still want to remove Vulkan then it is totally possible. Users can simply follow the steps given below and uninstall the file:

  • Users need to simply go to the Control Panel option and then go to the Uninstall a program option
  • Inside than application look for the file called Vulkan Runtime Libraries and simply click on it and press uninstall.

Download and install with help of Graphics Card Model and Manufacturer

The first thing that users need to do is simply download the graphics libraries so that they are able to figure out all the details of the graphics card:

  • Simply go to the Start option and click on it.
  • Go to the search option type ‘Run’ and launch the application
  • The run window will open up and users need to simply type the command
  • Type devmgmt.msc and then press enter
  • Once users will press enter a new window will open up from where users will be able to open the Display properties.
  • Users will be able to note down all the details like the adapter manufacturer and the model number.

Look for the Graphics card drivers

Once users are able to successfully find the video card model and the manufacturer user will be able to download all the drivers by following the steps which are listed here:

  • Users need to visit the official website of the graphics card manufacturer
  • Look for the driver on the official website
  • Users will be able to find the drivers in the Download option.
  • Users can also go to the official website of Vulkan where there will be a list of all the graphics card drivers which support Vulkan Runtime Libraries.
  • Select the driver depending on the version of the operating system running on the computer or laptop.
  • Download all the relevant drivers and you will be good to go.

Installing the video drivers

Once the drivers have all been found out and downloaded it is now time for their drivers to be installed into the computer or laptop. Here are the steps are given below on installing the video drivers.

  • Go to the file that was downloaded on the last step and simply double-click on it.
  • This will open up a new window
  • Simply follow the steps which are given on the screen and install the driver
  • Once the installation procedure is complete simply restart the computer

Once the reboot is complete simply start your computer or laptop go to the Features and Programs and you will now be able to see the Vulkan Runtime Libraries installed in it. Now you will be able to install all your favourite games and play smoothly with its full display potential. Vulkan Runtime Libraries is generally a file which is recommended to be kept in the personal computer or laptop because this is a file which generally helps repair a lot of computer errors which will help in the protection of the files and also prevent loss of any kind of file. There are other third-party applications to do these work but why should users install other applications when a file from their computer is able to perform the same function.

There are a lot of Windows 10 users who might have faced the error of Vulkan Runtime Libraries as a malware virus but that is not true. Vulkan Runtime is basically a file which is very much popular for all the game developers because with help of this file they are able to produce better game graphics. Vulkan can often be deleted by mistake so it is recommended for the users to read the article and reinstall the application because this is the file which helps the users in a lot of ways. This is a file which is known to keep your system files in a good condition and to prevent it from any virus attack in the near future.

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