How to install Kodi on Xbox 360 with UPnP / DLNA?

By | August 30, 2018

How to install Kodi on Xbox 360 with UPnP / DLNA: Who knew that one day the Xbox 360 home video game console would also act as a platform to stream media content from the web? Well, many things are happening around us, changes are the only constant that seems to be making a place in everyone’s lifestyles. Similarly, when the Xbox 360 was made capable of streaming media from the web, one was just overwhelmed by the fact. The Xbox features an online service, called the Xbox live. It was expanded from its previous iteration on the original Xbox and received regular updates during the lifetime of the console. The online services of the Xbox 360 are available to all and in a subscription-based variety. Also, the Xbox live allows users to not only play games online, one can download games through the Xbox live arcade and game demos.

A user can also purchase and stream music, television programmes, and movies through the Xbox music and Xbox video portals. However, these media content that can be streamed is obviously not free as mentioned, meaning it is not as appreciated as the other platforms. Which is why Xbox 360 allows a user to access a third-party content service if needed through the media streaming applications available on the console. Additionally, users can also stream media content from local PC’s. Taking advantage of such services, Xbox 360 users should take note that you will not always have to purchase or wait for hours for the buffering of media via random third-party applications. Which is why we have Kodi.

Kodi has been in the spotlight since its inception. Why would it not? If you already know what Kodi is you wouldn’t need an introduction or be told about its amazing services. For those who do not, Kodi is a ‘free’ media streaming software that is accessible through almost all the operating systems. It works on Android, iOS, OSX, Raspberry Pi. Windows and Linux.

Now, the best thing that could ever happen is if there is a possibility that Kodi and Xbox 360 would come together to give users their best experience. Well, it does.

In general, Kodi requires a TV box or a streaming device to connect to the television. Whereas, today we shall be providing a tutorial on the process of Installing Kodi on Xbox 360 console with the help of UPnP/DLNA option. Follow the information’s that we shall be provided below, and in no time, you will be good to go.

Before we dive deeper into it, allow us to give you a briefing about what UPnP/DLNA is.

DLNA: DLNA means Digital Living Network Alliance and it works with satellite, cable and the telecom service providers to produce protection of Link on each end of the data transfer. Consumers are enabled to share their content on multimedia devices without any probable cause of piracy or infringement. It comes with an extra layer of security, DRM meaning Digital Rights Management.

UPnP: UPnP means Universal Plug & Play. It is a set of networking protocol, which allows network devices like PC, Printers, etc. the architectural access device to device networking of electronics, home appliances, mobile devices, and PC. Also, it supports Zero Configuration networking.

Hopefully, the information provided above is enough for you to understand what they mean and what it does. Now, let us move on to the main topic of discussion, how to install Kodi on Xbox 360 with UPnP/DLNA?

How to install Kodi on Xbox 360 with UPnP / DLNA?

install Kodi on Xbox 360

install Kodi on Xbox 360

There are some simple steps involved on how to install Kodi on the Xbox 360 console. Mentioned below are the simple steps along with their images if one need visible assistance to understand the process of installation.

  • The first most step is to open Kodi. Once you do, you will find a screen that looks like the image below:

open your Kodi application from your device

  • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ option on the top left corner of the screen. Click on the ‘Settings’ option.

Select the Settings from the top left corner of the application

  • Next, move the cursor and navigate to the ‘Service Settings’ and click on it. It looks like as shown below:

move your cursor on Service Settings and click on it

  • Once you are in, you will find the service settings toolbar, scroll down to find the UPnP/DLNA option and select it.

select UPnP/DLNA

  • You will find a ‘Share my libraries’ option on the screen. This option enables Kodi to share a user’s library on other devices.

enable the option “Share My Libraries” to share your library on other devices

  • Click on the ‘Share my libraries’ option and a drop-down message appears where you will find ‘Allow Remote Control via UPnP’. When you find it, click on it.

enable the option “Allow Remote Control Via UPnP.”

  • Next, move on to the Xbox 360 gaming console. When the home screen appears, select the option that reads ‘Media Player’.

open your Xbox gaming console and select Media Player

  • Once done, you shall find your Kodi application visible on the Xbox 360 gaming console screen. It will look like the image below:

Kodi application is visible on your console

  • Next, you are to select ‘Video Library’ and your Kodi library will automatically be shared with the console.

Select video library which gets shared from your Kodi library

  • Similarly, you can choose various other options from the library. Example, let’s select ‘TV Shows’ or any other option as you please. We have selected ‘TV Shows’ as shown below.

select Tv shows or choose whatever you want to watch

  • You can select or choose any option you wish from the list on your library.

Select any category as per your wish

  • Once the above-mentioned steps are completed, you will find you Xbox 360 gaming console and the Kodi application synced. You can now watch videos or TV Shows that are available on your Kodi and it will automatically be shared on your Xbox 360.

That is all for the steps required to be performed to have Kodi on Xbox 360. If the instructions are carefully followed, in no time you will have your media content on your Xbox 360.

Now, there are various add-ons which are available on Kodi, which can be used to watch movies on the Xbox 360. These add-ons are legal and are very effective, unlike the ones that have erratic hosting by the server and are absolutely unusable.

Try the following add-ons out for good streaming on your Xbox 360 via Kodi add-ons:

  1. Plex
  2. Soundcloud
  3. YouTube
  4. iPlayer
  5. Filmon TV

These five are the best add-ons for streaming media content like TV Shows and Movies on your Xbox 360 gaming console with the aide of Kodi. Follow the process and enjoy your streaming.

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