How to Install Showbox on Kodi (Showbox Kodi Add-on)

By | October 3, 2018

How to Install Showbox on Kodi (Showbox Kodi Add-on): Ever since digital media has come to light, our habit of viewing them has changed tremendously. From waiting for the clock to strike 8 for our favourite show to begin, to surfing the episode we missed on our devices and watching it at our own leisure time. For as far as the past is concerned, we all have kept our schedules chalked out for a certain time of the day when our favourite shows would air. To watch the show uninterruptedly, we completed all our chores. Now, things are different and for good. We have various multimedia devices and online platforms. These various online platforms allow us to stream digital media content whenever we wish to. Everything is seemingly a click away from our phones.

Therefore, when Kodi was introduced, everyone knew right then that this is the best platform. Let us give you an insight into what Kodi is.

How to Install Showbox on Kodi (Showbox Kodi Add-on)

Install Showbox on Kodi

Install Showbox on Kodi

About Kodi

It is a free, open-source media player software application for users to stream digital media online. Kodi was developed by the XMBC Foundation. It is available and supports various operating systems like Android, Windows, and iOS. The most socially acceptable feature of Kodi is, it is available in twelve different languages. Also, the software application has seventy-five different translations. Thus, people from all over the world who has different languages (along with English being the primary language), can access Kodi. It is easier for everyone to access because of its user-friendliness. Speaking of which, Kodi is not only great at providing translations, the application itself has a user-friendly interface. This allows users, without any technical background to access the digital media in this platform with ease. Apart from such great accessibility, Kodi also acts as a digital video recorder. It allows users to stream digital media such as audio, video, podcasts, music, documentaries, etc. on the application and also from the internet at large. Kodi supports various services such as Pandora Internet Radio, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Spotify, Rhapsody, YouTube and Crackle, to be accurate.

Now, coming to the topic of discussion, Showbox. Before we go ahead with it, please note that Showbox is no longer available. A user can install Showbox on Kodi, however, it does not possess any content or links for any TV Show. Showbox for Kodi was recently available with Mucky Ducky and SuperRepo repository. However, presently it is not available for any of them. Due to the shutting down of add-ons, the repository has stopped working or is not available at all. however, a user can choose other add-ons for streaming digital media via this platform with the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

What is Showbox Kodi Repository?

Showbox is an Android-based video streaming application. It is also a Kodi add-on. It offers free streaming of Netflix and other TV shows on any digital multimedia device. Showbox presents a user with high definition quality media content that adds to the charm of streaming digital media on the Kodi application. Showbox Kodi can be installed from SuperRepo Repository. It contains almost every channel that has ever been showcased on Kodi. It is known as the best Kodi repository of the year 2018. Also, Showbox is among those add-ons in Kodi that also works on the Xbox One Kodi too.

Is the add-on legal?

The Showbox add-on is not legal. It streams movies without the permission from the creator of the media content provider. However, even though it is not legal, Showbox is still a safe platform and add-on and is used by millions of users globally.

Now, that every ingredient of the article is covered, let’s now move on to the main topic of discussion. We shall provide you a step by step process on how to install Showbox on Kodi. Read ahead, observe the steps as we shall provide you with the images for your better understanding.

Steps to install Showbox Kodi on Krypton Version (or higher)

  • First, Open Kodi from your device (system), then Click on ‘Settings’ icon located at the top of the screen.
  • Go to ‘File Manager’ and then double-click on ‘Add Source
double click Add-Source

double click Add-Source

  • A box will appear on your screen. Click on the space ‘None’ option. Then you are to type the URL and next click on OK.

install Showbox Kodi on Krypton Version

After that, type the media name of the source i.e. ‘Super Repo’ and click on OK to save the information source. (Check the image below)

  • Now, go back to Kodi Main Menu by hitting the ‘backspace’ on your keyboard/keypad multiple times. Then select ‘Add-on’ option on the left side of the Tab. Then, click on the ‘Package Installer’ icon at the top left corner.

showbox on kodi setup

  • Then, you are to select ‘Install from Zip File and then select Super Repo. From there on, click on Krypton > Repositories > SuperRepo > Next, wait until the repository is successfully installed.

showbox zip file url

  • Next step is to click on install from Repository and then on SuperRepo Repositories [Krypton][v7], next, click on Add-on repositories and then select SuperRepo All [Krypton} {v7} and then on the Install option.

SuperRepo Repositories

Wait until the Add-ons are successfully installed and enabled.

  • Next, go back to Install from Repository option where you will see another repository called SuperRepo All [Krypton][v7] > Video Add-ons > Locate and click on the Showbox option and then click on Install.

showbox stream on kodi

  • Wait until the add-on is successfully enabled.

Wait until the add-on is successfully enabled

  • Next, go back to the Kodi Main Menu and click on Add-ons > Video add-ons > Showbox. Once there, you can stream Netflix and other TV Shows on Kodi with Showbox.

showbox on kodi

These were the ways on how to install Showbox on Kodi. Let us give you more information about the other version where Showbox Kodi can be installed like Jarvis Version 16, Android Boxes, etc.

Steps to install Showbox Kodi on Jarvis Version 16 (or below)

  • First, Open Kodi, then go to ‘System’.

Navigate to File Manager > Double-click ‘Add source’ > Click None and then type the URL  and click on ‘Done’

  • Then, type ‘Super Repo’ and select ‘Done’ and then OK
  • Next, you are to go to Kodi Home Screen.

Navigate to System > Add-ons > Install from Zip File > Super Repo > Jarvis > Repositories > Superrepo >

Wait for the installation to complete successfully.

  • Next, click on Install from Repository and then on SuperRepo Repositories > SuperRepo All and then click on Install.

Wait for the installation to complete successfully.

  • Then, you are to go to Install from Repository again and select SuperRepo All > Video Add-ons > Showbox. Then click on Install.
  • Lastly, go to the Kodi Home Screen and select Videos > Add-ons > Showbox

And you are done. Upon completion of all these necessary steps, you can stream digital media.

Steps to install Showbox Kodi on Android Boxes:

  • The first thing to do when using an Android Box is to install Kodi.
  • Once the installation is complete, the procedure to install Showbox is same as the steps mentioned for the Krypton V17.

Steps to install Showbox on Kodi Fire Stick

  • Firstly, for getting Showbox on Fire Stick, you will need to get Krypton Version 17 installed on Fire Stick first.

If it is already installed then go ahead with the following details.

  • Open the Fire TV Stick and go to ‘Settings’. From there, navigate to the Device option and choose the ‘Developer Options’. When you click to open it, select the ‘Turn on ADB Debugging’ option and then the ‘Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources’ option on the page.
  • Next, go back to the Fire Stick Home and open Kodi and follow the same steps as mentioned when getting Showbox on Kodi Krypton Version 17.

How to directly download Showbox on Kodi?

To directly acquire Showbox and install it on Kodi, you can download the file from the web. Type the file name on the search bar of the browser and then click on the topmost hit of the search. You will find the download option for the file. Click on it and then on the application (zip) file. Install it when the download is completed.

download Showbox on Kodi

Once you have the Showbox file on your system, follow the steps below:

  • First, open Kodi and then navigate to the Add-ons option.
  • Next, move forward to the Package Installer icon and click on the Install from Zip File.
  • Navigate to the downloaded file and click on OK and a=wait for the add-on to be installed.
  • Once done, you will have to follow the same steps as mentioned in the guidelines provided for Showbox on Kodi for Krypton Version 17.

And you are done.

Follow these above-mentioned simple steps carefully. Like you have seen, if you know how to install Showbox on Kodi for Krypton Version 17, then you can easily install Showbox on other versions too. The steps to do it similar to that. Once you are done acquiring it, you can enjoy streaming various digital media content on Kodi. Check out here working kodi leia builds with Install tutorials.

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