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Last Tablet developed by Google



Last Tablet developed by Google

If you are a fan of Google Pixel Slate then there is bad news for you guys. Google has decided not to make any more tablets. It is going to pull all its resources after laptops in the coming future. A Google spokesperson stated to Engadget that:

“for Google’s first-party hardware efforts, we’ll be focussing on Chrome OS laptops and will continue to support Pixel Slate.”

He also added that the company will continue to work with third-party hardware developers on Chrome OS for both tablets and laptops.

The news was first sourced from JR Raphael at ComputerWorld, who stated that Google had two tablets under process but they have been canceled as well. The company is now going to put its focus on laptop hardware.

This particular decision doesn’t seem to affect Google’s won hardware in any way. Rather it seems like that the successor of Pixelbook may by the end of this year. the timing actually makes sense as the computers will touch the two years mark this fall and therefore, it could make use of an update.

The Nexus 7 which is a 2013 model was an excellent tablet. But larger devices such as Nexus 10 and Nexus 9 was not that successful in the market. That’s mainly because android could never do better on larger screens. Even Pixel C was helping back by Android as they couldn’t match up to the level of the hardware of the device.

Pixel Slate happens to be Google’s first ever Chrome OS tablet. It worked the best when it is equipped with a trackpad and keyboard. Using just the tablet didn’t feel good enough and the software is to be blamed again. However, Google has stated that they are going to support Pixel Slate in the future and the device is still available on sale.