MSVCP140.dll Missing Error – Steps to Fix

By | October 22, 2018

MSVCP140.dll Missing Error – Steps to Fix: Are you frequently facing issues because of the ‘msvcp140.dll missing’ error? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Here we will take you through the process of solving the issue of ‘msvcp140.dll missing’ error so that you are able to run all kinds of applications and games on your PC which is running in Windows operating system. Here we will be taking you through the nature of the whole error. It is very important to know why this kind of error occurs in the Windows system and what needs to be done to solve this kind of glitch. Generally, this kind of error occurs when any kind of application is trying to access this file and is not able to find it. The file sometimes gets deleted or missing because some of the faulty application has made it corrupted because of any kind of alteration it did to the file. This program is very much common in all the PC’s which are running in the Windows Operating system. This error ruins the whole computing experience because a lot of applications do not open because of the missing file.

MSVCP140.dll Missing Error – Steps to Fix

MSVCP140.DLL related error Messages

The most important thing to understand here is not all applications will react to this error in the same manner. Every application will phrase out this error in its own manner. The only thing that will be common in all these messages will be that the DLL file is missing. Here we have listed down all the messages which are being given by different applications for the MSVCP140.DLL.

  • MSVCP140.DLL is either not designed to run Windows or it contains an error.
  • Error loading MSVCP140.DLL
    There was a problem starting MSVCP140.DLL
  • The program can’t start because MSVCP140.DLL is missing from your computer

These were the examples of the messages which different applications will be showing when the program will be reporting the glitch in the system.

What is the DLL file?

When you are reading this article you might have thought what is a DLL file and why is it making it so much hard for you to run applications. Basically, a DLL file also known as Dynamic Link Libraries file is one of the important files of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio library 2015. There are a lot of applications running in windows which generally use Visual C++ and are also developed with Visual C++. All those kinds of programs will definitely need a DLL file to execute itself. Most of the computers out there rely totally on Visual C++. The computer will not be able to start if they fail to load the MSVCP.DLL file on the computer. The file size of MSVCP.DLL is 626 KB and it generally gets installed in the computer when you install Microsoft C++ Runtime Library after you boot up your computer. You will be able to view this file in the folder called System32. If your DLL file is corrupted or you have a missing DLL file, then it is very much easy to fix this kind of problem. Here we will be going through the process of fixing a DLL file in a very easy as well as safe manner.

An Err_Cache_Miss error also becomes very much common when there is a problem with the DLL file. Generally, the errors are different from different computers. Some of the people will be facing the Err_Cache_Miss error whereas the others will be facing the Err_Cache_Miss. If you are trying to fix Err_Cache_Miss Error, then all you need to do is simply follow the steps that have been given below and you will be able to fix all your problems and your PC will be able to run any kind of application that is available for Windows. When you will be downloading the MSVCP140.DLL in both the methods make sure you match it with your computer specification and your Windows version. If you end up installing a version of DLL which does not support your Windows operating system, then all your hard work will be a total waste. This article will help everyone to get a very clear understanding on things they need to know when they will be installing a DLL file even if they are totally a nontechnical person and have no knowledge about computers.

Method 1: Download the MSVCP140.DLL

This is a very simple way to fix the problem of corrupted or missing MSVCP140.DLL. This process is a very quick solution but the only problem with this process is that it has a lot of risks included in it. You will need to simply download a fresh and updated version of the MSVCP.DLL and place the new file in the target folder. Here we have listed down the steps which you need to go through to solve the issue:

  • The first thing that the user needs to do is simply click on this link and go to the location where they can download the MSVCP140.DLL file
  • The next thing that you need to do is simply go to the download button and click it in the link given above.
  • You need to fill up the captcha so that you are able to prove to the computer that you are not a virus but a human.
  • Now you will receive a link so that you are able to download the file to your computer.
  • Simply click on the link available and download the file in your PC.
  • Now you need to go to the file location where you have downloaded it
  • Simply copy the file
  • Go to drive C/Windows/System 32 and simply paste the downloaded file in it.

Once you have followed all the steps that are given above all you need to do is simply restart your PC. After the restart, you will be able to run all kinds of games and applications which you were unable to use because of the MSVCP140.DLL error.

Risks involved in this process

Here we have also added a method which is different from the first one and will be suitable for people who do not want to download any kind of DLL file directly from the internet. There are people who will not be willing to copy paste any kinds of DLL file in the system folder and for them, the second process will be very much suitable. The main error that everybody does is download a different bit machine. If you are using a 32-bit DLL file in a 64-bit machine, then it will not be working. If you do not know have a clear idea about the operating system and you are not a technical person then it is recommended for you to go, try the second method because it is much more easy to follow and works without any kind of problem.

Method 2: Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Package Redistributable

This method to fix the missing MSVCP140.DLL is a much safer way. If you are a nontechnical person then it is recommended for you to use this method because it will simply require an uninstallation followed by a full installation. If you do not want to download any kind of file from the internet, then this is the process that will be perfect for you. All you need to do in this process is reinstall the Microsoft Visual C++ Package Redistributable. You can simply visit the official website of Microsoft and download it from there. Microsoft generally delivers all its packages from the official website you will not have to worry anything about any kind of virus affecting this file. All the packages available in the Microsoft original website comes with an individual DLL file.

If you are facing this kind of problem with your PC where any kind of file like the MSVCP140.DLL is missing, then you can simply follow any of the steps and fix the problem. Generally, this kind of problems occurs when any kind of virus attacks your system. Generally, the virus corrupts different files from your PC and when applications try to access those files they will not be able to find it. These files cannot be repaired and need to be changed by a new set of DLL files. If your computer is showing an error like this, then the first thing you need to do is simply get to rid of all the virus that has attacked the system by installing a good antivirus to your computer. The antivirus will be able to kill all the virus and also protect your computer from any kind of virus in the future. Once your computer is free from all kinds of virus you can simply follow any of the two processes and replace all the files which are missing or corrupted. All these processes have been tried a lot of times and have a good success rate. These processes are very much effective when it comes to fixing the error caused by the missing MSVCP140.DLL file.

MSVCP140.dll Missing Error
  • MSVCP140.dll Missing Error


MSVCP140.dll Missing Error – Steps to Fix includes Download the MSVCP140.DLL and Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Package Redistributable.

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