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New leaks confirm massive screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10



New leaks confirm massive screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

There is still a lot of time left for the decision to come out whether the Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 Plus is a success story for Samsung or not. The second quarter of this year was the first full quarter of sales for Samsung’s new flagship phones. We will figure out very soon if Samsung will need some kind of boost because the Samsung Galaxy S9 which released last year was not a success for the company.

 It can already be said that the Samsung S10 series will definitely be a hit because it is going in the right direction after its release. The Samsung Galaxy Note from last year was also not a major hit last year. Not a lot of units were sold by Samsung making them lose money on the project.

Samsung was all set to release the Galaxy Fold this year which did not go according to plan. All the devices were called back and the customer money was returned. It’s been sometime after the release of the Samsung S10 and it can be said that the phone is doing good in the market.

“Galaxy Note 10 Pro” will be the ultra high-end model with upgraded features and a price tag that’s sure to make you cringe. An earlier report suggested that the Note 10 Pro model could start as high as $1,200  for the lowest amount of built-in storage. The renders of the Note 10 and the Note 10 Pro are already available on the internet.

In all the renders, the screen of the phone has stood out amongst all the other external features. There is still some time for the release for the phone and Samsung might end up making some changes after seeing the renders to surprise all the customers.