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Osmo ends up releasing an iPad learning kit for all preschoolers



Osmo ends up releasing an iPad learning kit for all preschoolers

Osmo has come out with a Little Genius Starter Kid only for kids whose age is between 3 years and 5 years. This is now the perfect alternative for the parents to let their toddler play more Sesame Street reruns.

The company Osmo which is based on Edtech has finally ended up launching a Little Genius Starter Kids which is designed specifically for kids below 5 years. This kit contains four games which are very interactive. The main aim of this is to teach all the young kinds of different alphabets without putting any pressure on them. This kit is very creative and will be helpful for a kid in the long run.

Osmo is one of those companies which has made a name for itself in the market by making special kits which help kids become a coder just with the help of an iPad. The starter kit for kids of 3 years till 5 years basically stress in teaching children different spellings and arithmetic. This kit is specifically aimed at all the young kids who are present here.

This starter kit is very compatible with the iPad and once the application is installed in the iPad, it becomes a game for the kids because of the display which is available. One of the popular games in this kit is the game of shapes where kids have to watch and draw the shapes on the iPad giving them the idea about the shapes available and what is it called.

Osmo says its system combines the “hands-on play” approach favored by educational theorists Friedrich Froebel and Maria Montessori with advanced computer vision. A spokesperson from Osmo said:

 “We have worked really hard on this project and it is expected that this will be one of the most successful projects in the recent times because of the response we are getting from people who are using it on their daily life.”

This kit is now available on Amazon at just $79 which is affordable and very useful for people who have kids between the age of 3 and 5 years