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Project xCloud from Microsoft will preview launch in October



Project xCloud from Microsoft will preview launch in October

Big news has been announced by Microsoft in today’s press conference. The announcement from Microsoft has been some days after Google revealed all the long-awaited details about the Stadia offering. Microsoft ended up giving a lot of information about Project xCloud.

The announcement was done in the month of October and the streaming service of the game will end up offering hardware agnostic gaming experience. Microsoft has the power of its console, which is very powerful in real life. The company will soon leverage their own technology so that the gamers can use their Xbox One as a cloud server. The computation for others will be available at the Microsoft server itself.

The preview of the xCloud will now be available for the E3 attendees which will be this week. People will get some hands-on time with this project. People will get to decide on what are the things that are lagging in this system from Microsoft this week. For the rest of the world, the preview will only be available in the month of October this year, which is one year after the first announcement was made by Microsoft.