PUBG Mobile MOD Apk + OBB [Unlimited UC BP no recoil] Hack

By | April 9, 2019

PUBG Mobile MOD Apk + OBB [Unlimited UC BP no recoil] Hack: With the passage of time, we have seen a revolution in the online gaming sector. There are a lot of games that are available online and one could easily get them and enjoy playing them. Out of all the options that are available there, PUBG has become the sensation among the players. You may not get an online game enthusiast who has not played PUBG. If we talk about its features, then each and everything is ok, except the fact that one needs to pay money to buy it. Here we have bought to you the PUBG mod apk, which can actually help you in downloading this game for free. Here are the details about it.

PUBG Mobile MOD Apk + OBB [Unlimited UC BP no recoil]

PUBG Mobile MOD Apk

PUBG Mobile MOD Apk


The PUBG app has gained so much hype that each one of us now knows about it and in some way or other are interested in playing it. Even if you do not know much about this game, you at least know this, that is superbly loaded with graphics and can be played solo or in teams. Now, the reason for the hype that this game has got from its players is the amazing features that t has got. So, before you go and install the game and play it finally, you should know about the features that it has. Therefore, in this section, we have listed all the features that this game has in it.

  • The first thing that one needs to know that is the actual playground in which the setup of the game is done. If you look at the full name of this game then it is called as Player Unknown Battles Ground. So, to know about that battleground is very important. This is a type of 8×8 km island area, where all the players have arrived. If you are playing the game, then your target would be to go to that place and then collect the required weapons and other equipment. Remember that this island is for 100 gamers at a time.
  • In any battleground, the most important thing that a player would want is its weapons. So, after we have discussed the playground, we need to discuss the type of weapons that are required or could be used in this game. One can use real-life weapons like firearms; throw balls etc. along with these options, there are other updated options too are available on the file group of this game. You can get your favourite weapon from there.
  • As mentioned earlier in this section, the game is known for its amazing graphics quality and we cannot complete our discussion of features of PUBG without discussing the graphics, along with the audio quality. The reason for giving this game this high quality of graphics and audio is that it is both available for mobile and PC. It has to be compatible with both of the devices and therefore the developers have developed this game in this manner.
  • Apart from all these features, there are other things too that could be the center for attraction for the players. When you will start playing the game, you will notice that there are many vehicles on the playground. So, these are the stylish cars that a player could use for their own purposes. These purposes may include the killing of your enemy, to travel faster and many others. You can obviously discover other factors once you have started playing the game.  
  • As we have said already, you could play PUBG either alone or by forming different groups, but if you talk about the real entertainment then, you will experience it after you have started playing it in groups. It is suggested to find the pro players and play with them. The maximum people you can add in your group are three only, but you can make a group of professional shooters.

So, these are all the features that you get in PUBG mobile hack android Apk v0.10.0, which is available for Android. Now let us see the features of the apk available for this version.

  • In this apk, you get unlocked model of the game, which is such a nice deal.
  • The best part about this apk is that you get unlimited bullets and it has got auto-reload features. This helps the players to get rid of any enemy at any point in time.
  • The health and customized features available in this application are unlimited.
  • With this apk, you can win easily and get your winner chicken dinner in almost every match that you play.
  • The levels of the game that you are playing are faster and thus help you in getting the quick reactions.

So, these are the basic features of the apk. Now, let us discuss what all is new in this that was not available in the previous version of the game.

  • A new map is added that contains extra fighting area called Sanhok. There is a list of new weapons too, which includes, bulletproof UAZ, QBZ, FLARE gun, and many such things.
  • A snow area is also added to the map, which is called Vikendi. This is added to the 6×6 km area.
  • With all the new weapon and new areas, there is a new addition to the language and that is of the Arabic language.
  • In this latest apk, one can get a firearm finish system for free and if you find any suspicious thing while playing the game, you can directly report about that.
  • The bugs that you may have faced in the previous version of the apk are fixed now. Apart from that, you can do more customized settings in this application now.


When you are playing any game on mobile or on your PC, there are certain things that are required for your survival in that game. In PUBG too, a player requires certain equipment for their survival in the game and two of the most important things are the clothes and the weapons. So, before we go in more details and discussion the download and installation process of it, let us first discuss these two basic requirements.


Even if you do not select a good clothing piece for your character, it is ok, but if you do not have a good weapon, how will you survive in the game. So, there are various weapons that are there in the game and one needs to choose them according to the time and requirement. Here, we are presenting you a list of it and you can select it by yourself. You will obviously come to know about the importance of each of the weapon once you start playing the game. If we talk about the unlock method of these weapons, then the one method is to play well and then to unlock it. If you do not have this option of unlocking the weapons and want to get it fast, then you can unlock these weapons by using the PUBG mobile hack mod apk. First, go through the list of it.

  • The Olive branch- Pan
  • Shark bite/ KAR 98k
  • Gold plate/ S686
  • Glory/ AKM
  • Turquoise delight/ KAR 98K
  • Gold plate AKM
  • Turquoise delight M16A4
  • Shark bite M16A4
  • Glory UMP9
  • Gold plate S12k


As we have already mentioned that clothing is a very important requirement for the PUBG characters or characters of any graphics game for that matter. It is obviously not that important like the weapons, but there is an intention behind the use of proper clothing piece. If you are using any clothing piece for any character out there, make sure that you choose a dress that is not visible clearly. There are a lot of dresses that you can actually select for your characters. The unlocking method of these dresses is again the same. You could either play better to get them or use the PUBG mobile MOD hack for the unlocking. Here is a list of a few of the clothing items from which you can actually select one for your characters.

  • Military skirt (black)
  • School skirt
  • Cloth mask, leopard
  • Clothing mask checkered
  • Zest checkered skirt
  • Plated mini skirt (blue)
  • Mini skirt (purple)
  • Fringed hot pants

How to download and install

After reading all the news about this game and after reading the mentioned above, one may think of downloading this game. The download and installation process of this game or application is extremely easy and one can do by following a few of the easiest steps. You will be glad to know that this game is free for those users who have an Android device of 4.3 versions and above that.

So, here we are mentioning those easy steps for you. Follow them to download the game and also to install it.

  1. The first and foremost thing you need to do is to go to the play store and search for PUBG mobile MOD apk. Once you find it, click on it and then press the download button.
  2. Before downloading the application, make sure to remove all the doubts that you have in your mind. When you download some game or take it from any of your friends, the first thing that comes in your mind is the availability of virus in it. If we talk about the installation of this mode of PUBG, then there is no such chance as you are downloading it online.
  3. After you have clicked on the option called install PUBG mobile MOD apk, and then you need to wait till this apk gets downloaded.
  4. After the download is complete, then you need to move further and open the installer. You will have to keep one thing in your mind that this is an apk and there are other steps too that you need to follow in order to download the final game.
  5. Once you have opened the installer, you need to agree to the TOS that you see there. There will be an option related to that, you just have to click on that and press the agree on the button.
  6. After the previous step is complete, the process of final installation will start. Install the complete MOD APK on your android device. Wait till the process is getting over.
  7. Once the final installation process is over, you need to open the app. If you are playing it for the first time then you can refer to the help section and can get an idea what this game is all about.
  8. Once done with all that, play the game and enjoy.

After you have finished downloading the game, you need to go to the download folder of your device. Make sure that you have enabled the installation of unknown sources on your device before you have started downloading it. This could be done by going into the settings sections of your android mobile. So, if you follow each and every step carefully on your device, you will be able to get the free version of this game very easily and will be able to enjoy it with your friends too.


  • How to unlock the weapons in the PUBG game?

There are a lot of weapons that one could use for playing PUBG. If you wish to unlock them, you will have to play nicely and different weapons would be unlocked with the different levels. You can even use the hacks for getting the weapons.

  • What is the cost of this game?

The game is priced at 2.99 dollars for any of the platforms you use for playing, but you can obviously get it downloaded for free with the PUBG mobile mod apk.

  • It is official?

Yes, it is an official gaming platform.


PUBG mobile mod apk is the easiest way to download this game for free. If you too want to save some bucks, then follow all the points mentioned above carefully and step by step.

PUBG Mobile MOD Apk
  • PUBG Mobile MOD Apk + OBB [Unlimited UC BP no recoil] Hack


PUBG Mobile MOD Apk + OBB [Unlimited UC BP no recoil] Hack includes features, requirements and how to install & download pubg mod apk on android.

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