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Quest Content was sold for $5million by Oculus in the first two week sale



Quest Content was sold for $5million by Oculus in the first two week sale

The Oculus Quest standalone VR headset of Facebook was released recently. Andrew Bosworth, who is the VP of AR/VR has said that the company is going to sell the content of the device with a very specific amount.

At the Code conference of Vox Media, the exec has declared about the details in the first two weeks. It was almost $5 million for content sales. The details of the sale were not clearly uncovered. Facebook never shares its sales data on its VR products.

The headset, which worth’s $399 does not need any kind of PC or phone to operate.  It also has the feature of positional tracking like higher end PC headsets which was also seen before with the high-end PC headsets. 50 titles were available for download at the launch of the company’s store. It also has a mixture of games and titles which has the price of $30.

Companies in the VR industry along with Facebook has decided to reveal their sale history because recently they are going through a huge success. Facebook has already gone through different marketing strategies and they were very firmly standing on that fact that they will also witness success very soon.