Enjoy playing with your martial arts skill in Shadow fight 3 Mod Apk

By | August 31, 2018

Shadow fight 3 Mod Apk: Shadow fight 3 is a role-playing game which is developed by Nekki which is a sequel to the shadow fight 2. Well, what is all about the game Shadow fight? It is a martial art game which starts with a story background of the narrator, the main character of the game who tells that he was a legendary fighter. In the quest of finding new opponents those who could tackle him he opened the Gates of Shadows and freeing all the demons, and he reduced into a shadow. The players start with few instructions given to them on starting the game. The graphics of the game is in two dimensional, and the game begins with a silhouette, unarmed. But in the new sequence is in the three-dimensional platform, but the shadow form still exists.

You will be the hero in this game and fight with different skills to win this game whose destiny is not decided yet. The way you fight through with different new moves will tell if you will win or lose. In the previous version one could not customize the player, but in Shadow fight three you have a choice of making the customization.

Shadow fight 3 Mod Apk

How to install Shadow fight 3 apps:

  • You can download Shadow fight three it from google play store on an android phone.

Shadow fight 3

  • Open the app store, search for “Shadow fight 3”.
  • Click on the install button.

Shadow fight 3 Install

  • The application will be downloaded, and you can launch the application and ready to use it.

In case if you cannot install from the Google play store you can download the Shadow fight 3 apk file from the website, but before that, you will need to allow installation from unknown sources.

Features of Shadow Fight 3:

  • The shadow fight 3 version is not only about silhouettes but of three-dimensional characters which you can make out.
  • This new feature enables players to make changes in the characters customizing the characters by changing the looks they would like that is skin color, gender, facial features and their name. Though once if you have decided everything and already created the character, you cannot change it again.
  • A new feature in the latest version is the use of three buttons used for punching, kicking and the Shadow button, which is very useful as you change into the shadow and show your extreme abilities.
  • There is three instruments Armor, Helm, Weapon and all are based on Shadow ability. This can be used when the shadow energy is full.
  • The equipment has a place where you can insert new moves and skills. This helps in customizing the fighting skill of the player.
  • The equipment will be obtained from the shop and also by winning any chest or completing any task or winning battles.
  • Their three-game currencies namely the Coins, Gems and Shadow orbit.

The coins are used in buying different items from the store and rare booster packs. Coins are rewarded in every fight as an additional reward. The better the player plays, the more coins he gets. They come as a reward on opening chests.

The gems are used to buy from the store as well and for getting booster packs, open the chest faster and make exchanges for some coins. You can acquire gems by finishing side missions and fighting a Boss fight.

Shadow orbit is useful in upgrading the equipment. These will be given if the players get an already owned equipment from chests, fighting battles or in booster packs and the equipment will be upgraded.

  • Legion, Dynasty, and Heralds are the three factions in the game. Each of this faction represents different fighting style in the first three chapters of the game itself. Once the player is acquainted with all the faction, they can choose one particular faction for their game. The player can change their faction later on in the game by clicking or tapping on the faction logo on the screen.
  • Side mission is a very important element in the game, and it helps you get currency and easily win the game. Avoid neglecting any side mission. Always try and score on the side mission.
  • The player can play only five matches after which the energy gets over, and one has to wait for the replenishment of the energy or has to buy it with real money.

Control of the game:

  • For Jump: the up arrow key
  • For crouch: the down arrow key
  • To move left or right you can use the left or right arrow key.
  • To attack or punch with hand use the X key.
  • To kick or use legs to attack press the C key.


The game Shadow fight 3 is an incredible game with a variety of fighting styles and new shadow skills as compared to in the previous games. You will not be bored playing the game. It breaks your boredom in your workplace. You can battle on your own. This game is not addictive as only five matches can be played. Each chapter comes as a new surprise to you.

The game has a very impressive storyline which all the more impresses the player and develops the interest in playing the game. You should just be smart, elegant and deadly. Select the proper character which will suit your choice of how you want to play the game.

The people who have ever dreamed of a rare collection of different weapons, Shadow fight 3 unfolds every weapon giving you the best adventurous feeling. You need to pick the best out of the lot and make sure you upgrade the weapon to get the best of it.

The spectacular based fight is the best, so can choose between the two modes and played as you like and win battles. The graphics of the game is amazing.

Though there have been slight complaints about the game installation issues overall the game is fascinating, and you would want to keep playing it after you download it.

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