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By | August 30, 2018

Spotify Premium apk: Spotify is an application everyone would love to have on their phone. It is music, video streaming and podcast service which were launched in the year of 2008 on 7th October. It is available for download on Windows, iOS and also Android. What can you do on the application? You can browse through the thing you want to search for that is album, artist, genre, and playlist. You can create a playlist, edit it and also share on social media and also make a playlist with other users.

The Spotify is based on the freemium basis that is a part of it is available as free, and after that, for additional service, you can use the premium pack, but you will need to pay for the service. The premium subscription allows the users to download the songs offline at a very good quality of around 320kbps. This helps the user from bypassing the other songs to get their song which they want to here. With Spotify Premium you can hear your favorite playlist whenever and where ever you are.

It was developed in the year 2006 by a team Spotify AB in Stockholm in Sweden. The company was originally founded by Daniel Ek, the former CTO of Stardoll, a browser-based game. The game was named based on an etymology which was thought of as a combination of ‘spot’ and ‘identify’ as ‘Spotify.’ Thus the Spotify made its release on in 2008. They had opened free account who were invited, but the app had started with a paid subscription for everyone else with the freemium pack.

How will you download the Spotify premium apk?

  • To download Spotify premium apk file, you will need to go to settings and enable the option of “unknown source” so that you can download it from the net.

download Spotify premium

  • Now download the Spotify Premium apk from the internet.

download the Spotify Premium apk

  • After the download opens the apk and clicks on the install button.
  • The file will be installed, and you can start listening to good music.

start listening to good music

The features of Spotify premium apk:

  • It has a very basic feature of free streaming on mobile or tablet.
  • You can listen to free music and can create your playlist in the music player.
  • You can download all the songs and trending music.
  • Radio streaming is also available in this application, so you don’t worry about missing out the programmes of your favorite Radio Jockey.
  • Spotify has a feature of giving personalized music recommendation according to your choice of music. So can enjoy your type of music.
  • You can download the song and listen to it offline whenever and where ever. So even if you do not have an internet connection and if you have downloaded the song you want to hear you can hear it offline.
  • It has music streaming for all your favorite songs with very amazing quality.
  • Unlike another online music app, Spotify premium does not have any add or commercial thus giving you the satisfaction of uninterrupted music streaming.
  • You can find and play songs and hits from all genres viz. Indie, Classic rock, hip-hop, rap beats, dance music, pop songs, country music, disco and all. So select your type and enjoy the beautiful music.
  • It is very easy to search and hit play to the music you want to listen.
  • Spotify ranges give a huge variety to browse from the latest chart to brand new release and great playlists.
  • You can enjoy new music every Monday so keep a lookout for the new release.
  • One of the best features of Spotify is you can have an only account and can listen on various devices like mobile, speaker, computer, tablet, car, TV, X-box, Web Player.
  • Spotify released a family subscription which allows for a family member of six to connect for a shared Premium subscription. So make sure to enjoy a family pack.

Streaming Music:

  • The song “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran on October 2015 became the first song played among five hundred million streams.
  • Then later on a month, later it was “Lean On” by Major Lazer streaming worldwide among 525 million users.
  • Later on around in April 2016, the singers Rihana and Justin Beiber were taking off the limelight and became the spotlight artist on Spotify.
  • Later in that month Drake’s song “Once Dance” became popular and it hit around one billion streaming.
  • The most popular song which hit around eight million streaming was “look what you made me do” by Taylor Swift within twenty-four hours in August 2017.

In the application, the search option is on the top of the app where you can find any of the songs. Below the search option is the ‘now’ page which is the part of the application which gives the suggested playlist according to your wish at any time of the day from the time you wake up to the time you retire back to the bed. You can swipe your fingers on to the left or to the right to select the playlist, and it will start playing automatically. There are different other tabs which organize song according to the mood. In the Radio mode, one can select any artist, song, playlist, an album and play non-ending music. The tab on side menu is the home in the music collection on Spotify. It helps add to any music to the library so one can find it easily later on. With its new additional features, it is good for students and for the family members where all can use a single account.


Spotify with its live music streaming and social features is by far the best application available online. It’s the tenth year of the application and it still going better with better updates and the background. The best thing is that whoever is using this application can view the other playlists made by other users which is unique. This is a social platform to connect with the other users also.

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