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The in-car touchscreens of Tesla are getting YouTube support



The in-car touchscreens of Tesla are getting YouTube support

Tesla is constantly updating the software of the touchscreen which gives proper information about all the activities of the car. Sometimes, we can see that the touchscreen go so complex that people get confused. A special Q&A session was organized in an annual gaming event of E in LA. CEO of Tesla named Elon Musk has said that they will provide YouTube services for the in-car display.

The CEO of Tesla has declared that they have approached YouTube many times to give in-car display. In the answer of the question of a fan, he replied that at the end of last August, they came up with a new update of version 10. They will provide streaming for the new third-party as well. Last year, the company came up with its new version of the software which is known as 9.0.

Musk declared that YouTube is coming for them during the event of E3 which was held today. They revealed that they will come with the infotainment display very soon. They also gave a demo with a game where buggy racer running on a display screen of Tesla Model 3.

In a recent report, Tesla CEO said that they will give permission to the third party developer to make changes in that display screen games and apps. The organization has worked very hard to develop the “Easter Eggs.” The app will be shown on the dash display of the car. The main mission of Tesla is to make all the apps feel real.

But they have come up with a problem where adding a streaming app is a new difficulty. But the good thing is that many of the drivers use their brand new navigation apps to search the roads and look for unknown directions. So they can have the service of YouTube very soon. As the mind of Elon Musk is running, something very unique will take place very soon.