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The report says that Google pixel 4 will have the feature of 16-Megapixel Telephoto Lens as Second Rear Camera, Front Infrared Camera



Google pixel 4 will have the feature of 16-Megapixel Telephoto Lens

The Mountain View giant is planning to come up with six betas on the latest version of Android, which is known as Android Q. The company was also scheduling the launch of the Android Q beta 5. But some of the users have already received that. Android Q beta 5 has a Google camera app v6.3 with the feature of Night sight. The developers of XDA are examining the code of the apk camera. They are searching for the hints of, and they also came out with some interesting tidbits.

When they were inspecting the code, they found some traces of ‘sabre’. It is the internal codename of Super Res Zoom feature. They also found some sensor IDs which was not present in the previous version of the APK. These two sensors are mainly “rear telephoto” and “Front IR”. They are assuming that IR stands for the infrared sensors. So, they are hoping that that the organization may come up with a feature of third front camera. It will be a newly added advantage for the wide-angle selfie camera.  They are mainly using the IR sensor so that they can unlock the lock screen through face recognition.

But there is another ID which gives the clue of the presence of the second rear camera’s telephoto lens. This will help the device to click a photo with a good quality of zoom shots. It also has a feature of capturing the portrait shots. Google has a robust algorithm of capturing the bokeh and portrait shots. It can also manage to click some pictures with amazing background blur. But they don’t know the impact of using the lens for bokeh shots. The facility of the optical zoom is very nice, but Google’s Super Res Zoom is doing a fantastic job. But they are not sure of using the incremental gain in the place of a wide-angle lens.

This is something which is very popular nowadays. There will be a third wide-angle lens in the 2019 iPhone model and Galaxy S10 series.  But this is just a rumor. 9to5Google has collected a piece of information which says:

  “Telephoto image has dimensions ( ), but should have dimensions 4656×3496, 4656×3492 or 2328×1748.”

But later they said that they used the code for debugging the telephone Code. Later they have deduced a point of having a 16-megapixel resolution in Pixel 4. The report also says that nothing is confirmed, the user has to wait till October.

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