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By | August 24, 2018 kodi error fix [3 methods]: Kodi is known to be one the most effective and widely used digital media player which provides free sourcing and streaming of digital media content. It is a free, open-source media player software that can be availed from various platforms. Kodi is available on Android, Windows and on iOS making it much loved and extensively used the software. The reason it being so popular is for it is available in 12 official languages and translations in 75 different languages. Users who use Amazon Fire TV or any other digital streaming media device choose Kodi over any other software.

For, in other digital streaming media application software’s, one will need to subscribe and pay a certain amount. Whereas in Kodi, a user can source media content free of cost, in high definition format. It allows users to stream media content via various online services, like Amazon Prime Instant Video, Pandora Internet Radio, Spotify, Rhapsody, YouTube, and Crackle, without having to pay a dime for the services. Also, if a user pleases to stream podcasts and other media content, it comes in good quality with high resolution, giving a user a pleasant time streaming.

However, there are many such unwanted occasions when a user faces certain issues or error while streaming media on Kodi that needs to be fixed. Many find it extremely confusing while some easily fix the errors that often disrupt the streaming process. The most common errors that users face while streaming media on Kodi are dependency errors, cache issues, authorization errors for streaming, unavailability for streaming media, etc. Therefore, we have brought three easy-to-fix methods to fix or remove any of these unwanted errors that keep prompting from time to time when a user is trying to access media content on Kodi. These three steps are easy to follow and will help a user solve their issues without any third party coming to help out.,, kodi error fix [3 methods]

The reason we are providing these steps is that user faces different issues, some might have a problem with streaming and pairing while another user might face the error with the caches. The commonest stream authorization error that most of the users face is,,,,, and

These three methods will help the errors alternatively as per its issue. All you need to do is read the details carefully and follow the steps without skipping any. Once there, solving the errors will be a piece of cake.

Before we move ahead, you should know why these ‘,,,, and’ error tend to occur. For, it is always the foremost duty of the user-facing an error is to know the reason behind it occurring

This way, one can navigate through the issue easily without being dumbfounded by the digital technicalities that prompt up.

First, a user will need to know the name of the error to get a basic idea of what the user is being dealt with. For example, the error ‘Stream Authorization’ decodes that a user will need to authorize the streaming of media content they are trying to access. This error occurs when the streaming is unauthorized. To solve the stream authorization error, one will simply need to go through the ‘Captcha’ solving process, where a user will have to verify that they are not a robot, trying to access digital media content.

Most of the movies and TV series are hosted by a remote server and needs a software to access and stream the contents that are available in the respective servers. Kodi is one such streaming platform that streams content with the assistance of various Kodi add-ons.

For example, suppose a user is trying to access content via Kodi and on the same server there are multiple users along with bots and scrappers trying to do the same. This will create a lot of traffic and the servers will automatically shut down or crash. Which is why servers use the stream authorization process to verify the user and are then allowed to go ahead and stream media.

Similarly, there are ways to fix an error like the ‘,,,, and’. The methods are as follow:


  • Right click on the add-on and select ‘Settings’

Right click on the add-on and select ‘Settings’

  • Look for ‘Hosters with Captcha’ under the playback menu and disable it.

hosters with captchas

This process will help disable hosters with captcha and will not scrape the providers which require captcha

Method 2: Configure URL Resolver

If a user is using multiple Kodi add-ons, disabling hosters with captchas is the easiest process available. Most of us accessing videos with multiple add-ons are being played from a remote server through the same providers. However, disabling this many captcha is a long process. When the source links are fetched by the scrapers, it is filtered and resolved by the URL Resolver to direct to the original server. By configuring which, a user can block most of the provider’s sites with captcha. This process is a one-time task. The steps are as follows:

  • Go to Settings > System settings. Change to Expert Mode.

Expert Mode

  • Select ‘Manage Dependencies’ under the add-on menu.

Manage Dependencies

  • Next, select ‘URL Resolver’ from the list and then select ‘Configure’

URL Resolver


URL Resolver Config

  • You will find the all the hosters available under ‘Resolvers #’ example: Resolvers 1 to the number of previously scraped hosters.

Settings URL Resolver

  • Select hosters with Captcha, example: Video and disable it.

Select hosters with Captcha, example: Video and disable it

This way a user can disable all the hosters through Captcha.

Method 3: Direct Authorization

In this process, a user can directly get their IP authorized from the provider site and is the easiest method of all.

  • Open a web browser and enter the provided URL seen in the Kodi error pop-up window.

Example of errors:,,,,, and

  • Click on ‘Activate Streaming’. A message showing ‘Your IP has been authenticated for 4 hours’ will appear.

Activate Streaming

Please note that at times a user is asked to solve a Captcha before clicking on the ‘Activate Streaming’ option.

Please note that after four hours, a user will have to authenticate the authorization again for fresh streaming.

user will have to authenticate the authorization again for fresh streaming

Well, these were the three easy methods that can be used to solve any issue or error on Kodi. These methods will prevent a user from facing any further issues while streaming digital media content on Kodi.

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