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Airtel Announces Xstream Fiber Broadband Plans 




Airtel Announces Xstream Fiber Broadband Plans 

Are you looking for ways to get access to free TV and Netflix streaming experience? Well, the same can finally be fulfilled with Airtel’s Xstream broadband connectivity. 

Airtel, which primarily is into wireless networks and connectivity, has further ventured into the broadband sector, promising users high-speed and uninterrupted internet connectivity without any complications along the way.

The network has announced three new broadband plans, starting from Rs. 699 and goes up to Rs. 1599, offering the users free access to over 350 channels with Airtel 4K Xstream Box. However, with the amazing deals available, users are still skeptical about the catch and are wondering how good of a rendition the same would be in real-time.

The new pricing plans for the Xstream Fiber broadband aren’t very different from what it was before. However, the benefits have improved in the new pricing plans, adding to people’s excitement surrounding the product. 

Under the new plans, users will have free access to some of the paid channels that are not easily accessible across other broadband services and their pricing packages. This has turned a lot of heads concerning the upcoming packages that are about to come around.

Following is a quick breakdown of all the broadband plans and what you can expect from each package.

Rs. 1599 Broadband Plan

If you were using the Rs. 1498 plan in the previous package of XStream Fiber, the Rs. 1599 plan is pretty similar to that. The users will get access to over 350 channels with the Xstream Box. However, there is a one-time charge of Rs. 2000 that has to be paid to purchase the box. The setup box then allows the users to enjoy the best cable TV experience, especially on smart TVs.

Besides the entertainment, the broadband plan also offers 300 Mbps high-speed internet and free access to different OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ Hotstar. It enables a single login for up to 14 different OTT platforms.

Rs. 1099 Broadband Plan

The next package is the one that offers 200 Mbps internet speed with 3.3 TB monthly FUP data. The OTT features are similar to what you’d get with the Rs. 1599 plan, so there are no differences in that cases, especially with accessing the 350+ TV channels.

Rs. 699 Broadband Plan

Last is the cheapest one which offers up to 40 Mbps internet speed with 3.3 TB monthly data access. The OTT access and TV channel access are similar like the other two broadband plans.

Which one of the above are you considering getting for your home?

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