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Andrew Banks Net Worth 2024: From Recruitment Mogul to Financial Success




Andrew Banks Net Worth

Entrepreneurship and investment are two spheres of life that will never stop surprising people. Andrew Banks is a name of a prominent Australian entrepreneur and investor who is known for his significant contributions to the business world.

With an experience that spans decades, Andrew has established a name for himself, especially in the field of recruitment, especially with the foundation of Morgan and Banks. As a key figure in the recruitment and staffing industry, he has not only achieved great success but also amassed substantial wealth.

This article will explore more about Andrew Banks, his early and personal life, his career, and the net worth he has crafted for himself.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Andrew Richard Banks
Birth Date 13 July 1974
Age 72
Profession Businessman
Country of Origin Australia
Nationality Australian
Marital Status Married
Dame Pamela Gordon Banks
Net Worth (as of 2024) $300 million
Last Updated: Feb 17, 2024
Social Media Instagram

Early Life

Andrew Banks was born on November 30, 1951, in Lambeth, London. When you scroll through a little, there’s not a lot of information you will find regarding Andrew’s upbringing. 

He was born into a multicultural family where his father worked as a staff sergeant in the Medical Corps while his mother, who grew up in Gdansk, Poland, was a housewife.

During his life at Chichester, Andrew enrolled in the selective state grammar school and during that time, he got involved with the drama club in the school. Later, he completed his higher education at London University.

It was during his time at the University that Andrew managed to venture into the entrepreneurial side of things.

Personal Life

Despite the level of success that Andrew has acquired, he has ensured to keep his personal life away from the media probe. He has been married to his wife, Andrea Banks for a long time now. The two are parents to a daughter, Sophia Banks-Coloma. 

Besides his family life, Andrew is also quite engaged in varying acts of philanthropy because of his commitment to giving back.

Andrew Banks


Banks’ professional journey began with ventures in various industries. He displayed a keen interest in human resources and recruitment, recognizing the potential of this sector early on. 

In 1982, Andrew Banks co-founded Morgan & Banks, a recruitment agency that would become one of Australia’s leading staffing firms. The company focused on specialized staffing services and soon expanded its operations both nationally and internationally. 

The success of Morgan & Banks catapulted Banks into the spotlight and solidified his reputation as a savvy entrepreneur. In 1999, the firm merged with TMP Worldwide, creating TMP/Monster Worldwide, a major player in the global recruitment industry. This merger further enhanced Banks’ financial standing and influence in the business world.

Besides these achievements professionally, Banks has also appeared as a Shark on the famous show, Shark Tank, bringing a unique perspective and touch to the show. He has also authored multiple books on the niches of recruitment and the allied fields.

Net Worth

Andrew Banks has an estimated net worth of $300 million, which he has earned with his remarkable success in the world of business. As one of the co-founders of Morgan & Banks and later its merger with TMP Worldwide, Banks received substantial financial gains from the success of the recruitment firm. Furthermore, his strategic investments in other industries and ventures likely contributed to the growth of his net worth. 

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