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What Should You Know About Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Net Worth?




Ross Sorkin Net Worth

Andrew Ross Sorkin is an American journalist. He is Jewish by ethnicity but was born and brought up in America. He became extremely popular with his book, Too big to fail. 

The book is based on the financial crisis of 2007. He was always interested in journalism and writing ever since his childhood. 

He eventually made his way into writing articles for big newspapers at the time of his graduation itself. 

He also holds prestigious positions on many important boards in the United States of America. 

He has also made a movie on his book which was released in 2011. He was also one of the producers of the movie and did a cameo in the movie.

Later, he produced another TV show billion which focuses on the exploits of an attorney based out of the USA. 

Quick Facts

Full NameAndrew Ross Sorkin
Birth DateFebruary 19, 1977
Country of OriginUSA
Marital StatusMarried
SpousePilar Jenny Queen
Net Worth (as of 2024)$12 million
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2024
Social MediaInstagram

Early Life and Education

Andrew Ross Sorkin was born in the year 1977 in New Year. He was born in a house of playwrights and this has given him the natural inclination to write. 

He graduated from high school in the year 1995 and attended Cornell University his graduation. He obtained his Bachelor’s in communications degree in 1999 and was extremely active in contributing articles to New York Times. 

When he was interning during his student days, he became a member of Sigma Phi Fraternity and later went on to become the vice president.

Personal life

Andrew Sorkin is married in 2007. The couple has three children together. The youngest of the three was born in 2017. 

Andrew suffers from a rare medical condition. His left eye looks different from his right eye. This is because there is a tiny hole in his left eye that makes both of his eyes appear in different colors and structures.


When Andrew graduated from Cornell University, he was having 71 articles under his name. In the New York Times, his initial focus was to write articles on technology and media, and later on, began to write business articles for the same newspaper. 

As he obtained the skill in writing business articles, he started to write content for Businessweek magazine as well. 

After working part-time in big newspaper brands, he got his full-time job at the New York Times. 

He was the chief of the newspapers, mergers, and acquisitions section. His articles on different mergers, and acquisitions bought him fame. The merger of Chase with JPMorgan, and the selling of PC units of IBM to Lenovo are some of the key issues where his viewpoints were much appreciated. 

The relevant content he puts up in his articles has spoken volumes about his interest and knowledge in the respective domains.

His books are one of the top sellers in the finance domain. They are in simple and easy-to-understand language. 

What is Andrew’s Net worth?

The current net worth is 12 million US dollars. He is one of the most successful journalists of his time. There are very few journalists who have made very huge like how Andrew Sorkin has created a name for himself.


1. How did Andrew Ross Sorkin make his money?

Before rising to fame and acquiring the kind of wealth that he has, Andrew Ross Sorkin was working as a journalist at the New York Times. While working there, Andrew also started DealBook, a newsletter that focused on deal-making and the aspects of Wall Street. Back then, it was one of the first finance new aggregations, hence it gained quick traction.

2. Why did Sorkin leave?

During interviews with The Hollywood Reporter, Sorkin revealed that the reason why he preferred and thought leaving would be the best for the show was because of the alliance and conclusion he reached with the show’s executive producer Thomas Schlamme. 

3. Where is Andrew Ross Sorkin on CNBC?

Besides currently working on his ventures, Andrew is also the co-anchor of the Squawk Box on CNBC, a show that has gained immense popularity and traction in a short period. This is CNBC’s signature morning program.

4. Where does Andrew Sorkin invest his money?

Although we know for a fact that Andrew is one of the most popular journalists of his time, there is no information about his actual investment portfolio. There are no reports about his real estate investments too.

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