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The Net Worth Of Angela Deem And Her Rise To Fame




Angela Deem Net Worth

Angela Deem is a reality TV sensation from the popular series “90 Day Fiancé”. She first made her mark during season 2 of “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days”, when she and her now-husband, Michael Ilesanmi, were introduced. Since then, viewers have been able to follow their long-distance relationship and eventual marriage. 

Even before she was on “90 Day Fiancé”, Angela impressed audiences with her two appearances on Maury. People have rooted for her throughout her physical transformation, including a 100-pound weight loss transformation that left many fans in shock and awe. 

For Angela’s 56th birthday celebration, Renee bought her a dream Las Vegas party. As an outspoken personality, Angela continues to be a fan-favorite for her appearances on reality television!.

Quick Facts

Full NameAngela Kaye Deem
Birth DateDecember 9, 1965
ProfessionTelevision Personality
Country of OriginUSA
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseMichael Ilesanmi
Net Worth (as of 2024)$100,000
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2024
Social MediaInstagram

Angela Deem’s Net Worth

Estimates of Angela Deem’s net worth range from as high as $725,000 to as low as $100,000. Her income comes from reality television, social media, and her business ventures. It should be noted that the accuracy of these net worth estimates depends on the sources and their ability to provide exact figures.

  • Angela’s Rise to Fame

Angela rose to fame in 2018 when she appeared on season 2 of “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days” with her Nigerian partner Michael Ilesanmi. The couple’s dynamic and Angela’s unapologetic attitude quickly won over viewers. Despite their age gap and cultural differences, they got engaged and continued to share their story on various spin-offs such as “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” and “90 Day Bares All.”

  • The Reality TV Income

It is unclear how much Angela earns from her appearances on “90 Day Fiancé” and its spin-offs; however, it has been reported that cast members can receive up to $1,500 per episode. With numerous seasons under her belt, Angela has probably earned a considerable amount from reality TV. 

  • Social Media & Endorsements 

Social media gives Angela the chance to boost her income by partnering with brands for sponsored posts and endorsements. Such opportunities are lucrative for reality stars in terms of money and furthering their personal brand. 

  • Angela’s Business Ventures 

In addition to TV appearances and social media partnerships, Angela operates an online store called ‘Angela’s Merchandise’ which sells clothing, accessories & home items bearing her catchphrases & likeness. The exact revenue generated from her store is unknown but it likely contributes substantially to her overall net worth. 

Angela Deem

Legal Troubles & Controversies 

Unfortunately for Angela Deem, not everything has gone smoothly since she rose to fame as she has been involved in several controversies/legal issues like a DUI arrest in 2018 & an altercation with her daughter’s ex-partner in 2019 which have impacted her public image & possibly affected future earnings potential. 

Financial Future 

Despite the highs & lows of reality TV life, Angela remains an iconic figure due largely to her ongoing partnership with Michael & endless “90 day” shows providing additional earning opportunities through television appearances plus social media endorsements/business ventures – yet she must remain mindful of how she conducts herself publicly if she wants financial security even after the spotlight fades away!


1. What is Angela Deem famous for?

Angela Deem is a famous reality TV personality who rose to fame after appearing on the series “90 Day Finance.” She entered the show during the second season. Before that, she appeared twice on Maury. Fans love her for her outspoken personality and cheerful personality.

2. How rich is Angela Deem?

Angela Deem’s current net worth is estimated at $725,000. She builds her wealth through her reality TV career. Besides that, she earns a sizeable amount from social media, brand endorsements, and business ventures. It was reported that she got paid $1,500 per episode on “90 Day Fiance.

3. What happened to Angela Deem in 2018?

Angela Deem was caught up in a legal case in 2018. She was arrested for driving under the influence. This harmed her reputation and public image. It also affected her future earning potential.

4. Are Angela and Michael still together?

According to the news, Michael cheated on Angela, which led to the couple splitting up. However, InTouch revealed that the two are once again back together. It is also confirmed that Michael did cheat on her with another woman. Despite everything, Angela went back to his partner.

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