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Apple Releases New Firmware Update for Various Airpods models




Apple Releases New Firmware Update for Various Airpods models

If you use AirPods to listen to music or keep up with a call while on the go, chances are that you are well-meshed with the amazing features, including active noise cancellation, sleek design, and superior Bluetooth connectivity.

Ever since the release, Apple has been consistent with their firmware update for their accessories, including the different genres of Airpods.

Recent news suggests that Apple has already started releasing their latest firmware update for the Airpods Pro 2nd Generation. While the users were already rejoicing, Apple has also started rolling out new updates for the other models in the Airpods line-up, including Airpods 2, Airpods Pro 1st Gen., Airpods 3, and Airpods Max as well.

What’s New in the Airpods Firmware Update?

If you are confused as to what you can expect with the upcoming Airpods firmware update, there are quite a few different updates that have been introduced.

All these upgrades are targeted to improve the overall listening experience of the users, especially with the noise cancellation, and to improve the salient clarity in question.

The new version of the firmware will carry the much-coveted 5B58 and the same is now available in almost all the Airpods models that we have mentioned in the section above. This new firmware rollout is also the same that was released for the Airpods 2 last month.

Although there is not much information available about the new update, it mentions the staple “bug fixes and other improvements” under the description. So, we can very well suggest that there are no earth-shattering new updates that are introduced in this new firmware update this time around.

How to check which firmware the Airpods have?

Now, with Airpods getting consistent firmware updates, being confused about which one your pair of Airpods has is common. You aren’t the only person struggling with similar issues.

If you want to check which firmware version your Airpods have, we’d recommend that you check via the Settings app on your iPhone.

How to Update the Airpods firmware?

Apple doesn’t require users to manually update their Airpods. So, when the updates are available, they are automatically updated on your Airpods without you needing to do anything from your end.

The good thing is that there is no need for any kind of manual interference the user has to indulge in at all.

Not just for the Airpods, Apple has already started rolling out more software updates for AirTags.

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