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Approved Food Net Worth: Were The Goods Authorized? 




Approved Food Net Worth

Approved Food premiered on UK’s commercial show, Dragon’s Den in February 2015. They sell edible Foods online, which are thrown away from households, grocery shops, etc.

From debuting their company on Dragon’s Den to their recent position as a successful firm, Andy and Dan have proved beyond doubt that everything is possible if you have a genuine goal, plan, and a correct way to implement it.

How did the Dragons react to this concept? Were they pleased enough to invest their money? Read the article to know about it.

Quick Facts

Founders name: Andy Needham, Dan Cluderay
Business details: A website that sells food past its use-by date
Founded in: 2008
Location : UK
Asking of Company: £150,000 For 10% Equity
Accepted Deals: No Deal
Dragon on board (Investors): None
Dragons’ Den Episode: Season 12 Episode 09
Net Worth: £50 million
Business Status: Active
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2024
Social Media: Instagram

About the Founder

Approved Foods were started together by Andy Needham and Dan Cluderay. In the year 2009, Cluderay and his spouse Nichola launched the company as wholesalers in Hull and Doncaster. When Dan encountered the plan of expanding the firm globally and magnetizing a wider audience, both of them toiled for seven days in a row. When the venture became successful, he developed the firm and began hunting for shareholders.

Founding the Approved Food

An e-commerce site called Approved Foods offers foodstuffs that are authorized for consumption as well as discounted items. They sell stale-dated products that have exceeded their actual dates. Such goods, which are marketed at cheaper prices, usually get tossed away by supermarkets.

Manufacturing dates are distinguished from selling dates. Even if they have passed their peak of eating, foods that exceed their sell-by period remain safe for eating.

Approved Food

Dragon’s Den Appearance 

Needham and his friend Cluderay proceeded toward the folks at Den and requested a donation of $1,91,117.25 for a 10% stock stake. The funding would go toward expanding promotional activities, recruiting additional personnel, and relocating to a fresh address.

Piers Linney was more concerned about the visual identity of their web page and its marketability which made him walk away from the deal.

The manufacturing date and selling date were a serious bone of contention that was raised by Deborah Meaden. Although, she was reassured by the owners that they only sell products that have not expired and are still within their Sale by and Use by dates, never after. However, she certainly adored the basic theory of the organization but walked away from the debates because she detected the financial health boundaries to be uneven.

Kelly Hoppen examined the webpage more carefully. She admired the company’s strategy and its enthusiasm for its offering. She exited the deal-making process because she had little faith in the firm.

Andy and Dan were questioned by Duncan Bannatyne on their modest earnings and sluggish progress. The two predicted that their development would drop and might lose money, however, they had the confidence that it will continue to prosper in subsequent years. Duncan wished them good luck but he chose to leave.

Peter Jones declared that he might pour in the upcoming years, but currently, he was not willing to and walked away from the contract.

However, the pitch failed to proceed smoothly because both participants seemed extremely jittery.

After Dragon’s Den 

The organization has currently turned more than $50,96,460.00 in monetary gain annually and enjoys an equity stake of over $5,09,64,600.00, owing to assistance from third-party investors.

The business presently generates several million dollars and employs more than 50 people in their Sheffield factory.

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