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Jaclyn Stein’s – Who is Ariel Helwani’s Wife?




Who is Ariel Helwani’s Wife?

If you are inquisitive about Jaclyn Stein and want to know more about her and her prominence in this world, you are in the right place. Although Jaclyn is famous for running a successful jewelry business where she designs and sells bespoke jewelry, her rise to prominence is more reliant on Ariel Helwani.

For those who live outside Canada and don’t have a lot of touch with Canadian media, you might not be aware of Ariel Helwani. Don’t worry though because we are here to clarify all those doubts. Ariel Helwani is a famous Canadian journalist, who is known for primarily covering mixed martial arts.

Amidst all that we know about Ariel Helwani, wondering about his family life, especially his wife is pretty common. Many people are often inquisitive on that matter. If you are in the same boat wondering who Jaclyn Stein is, this article is for you.

Biography of Jaclyn Stein

Jaclyn Stein’s birthday is on March 28, 1982, and she was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She is a Canadian citizen and has a Jewish ethnicity, according to the reports.

Reports on her early life suggest that Jaclyn was born to Barry Stein and Anzie Stein and she has a younger sister, Joanna Stein. Although not much is disclosed about Jaclyn’s early life and childhood, reports suggest that Jaclyn’s father was a lawyer while her mother worked as an artist.

Jaclyn completed her initial education at Herzliah High School in 1999 and then furthered her education at McGill University where she graduated in Management in 2004. 

All the women in her life and family, especially her mother and sister inclined jewelry from an early age. Working on her passion, Jaclyn shifted to New York where she acquired further education in jewelry design from the New York Fashion Institute of Technology.

Following completing her education, Jaclyn then went on to pursue her learning in a business. At present, she is an immaculate entrepreneur who designs and sells her exclusive jewelry collection.

Besides her passion for her business, Jaclyn is also praised by people across the country for spreading awareness surrounding cancer and cancer research. She has been found to play an active role in multiple fundraisers surrounding cancer research.

Career and her Business

As we mentioned, Jaclyn Stein had a passion for jewelry, which she turned into her career and business after returning from New York.

According to reports, Jaclyn is a renowned “jewelry architect”. She now leverages her knowledge surrounding jewelry and design to run a family business successfully.

Besides her career as a jewelry designer and entrepreneur, Jaclyn is also an experienced art teacher, painter, and sculptor, following in her mother’s footsteps.

Coming to Jaclyn’s jewelry business, it is termed Anzie’s Jewellery, which is named after Jaclyn’s mother, who shares a similar passion for jewelry and jewelry making. Anzie Jewellery is a family business, which was started by Jaclyn’s mother herself.

Following starting the business in 1999, Anzie Stein grew the business exponentially. However, now, the business has been passed on to both sisters – Jaclyn and Joanna.

If you go to the business website’s page, you can find that things are mentioned as “timeless, classic, and minimalistic.” The beauty and elegance of the individual jewelry pieces on Anzie Jewellery are what makes it stand out from the competitors.

Who is Ariel Helwani and His Relationship with Jaclyn Stein?

If you didn’t know about Jaclyn Stein from her jewelry business, you might know her as Ariel Helwani’s wife. The two got married in the year 2008 but surprisingly, the two met in 1994 when they were both in Grade 7.

Since then, Ariel and Jaclyn completed their education together in Montreal. They were high school sweethearts and have been together since then.

Following their fairytale love story and wedding, the two got married in 2008 and are proud parents to three beautiful children – one daughter and two sons. What’s great about the couple is that they prioritize their privacy a lot. Hence, there’s not much information available about their personal life in the media.

It is known that their firstborn is named Claire but there is no further information about their two sons and their name. 

For those who aren’t aware, Ariel Helwani is a famous Canadian journalist, who is known for covering mixed martial arts. However, Helwani departed ESPN on June 15, 2021, following the completion of his 3-years contract with the network.

Although Helwani took to his Instagram to explain how fortunate he was to have been part of the amazing network and the opportunities he got to experience, he also clarified that the departure from the said channel was amicable.

Net Worth of Jaclyn Stein

Despite the kind of popularity and business opportunities she partakes in, there isn’t much information about Jaclyn Stein’s net worth.

With the growing popularity of her jewelry business and her public engagements, especially with the fundraisers and philanthropy work, we can pretty much assume that Jaclyn has a decent net worth. 

However, much like her personal life, even her net worth isn’t publicly available. Besides her net worth, Jaclyn is also married to one of the most popular Canadian journalists, Ariel Helwani, who has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

The collection income and net worth of the couple explain the luxurious lifestyle that they lead at their home in Canada. We can be assured that Jaclyn’s net worth will grow exponentially over the years the more her business grows and expands.


Jaclyn Stein is a popular Canadian jewelry designer, entrepreneur, and wife of Ariel Helwani. If you were inquisitive about her and her biography, we hope this article gives you all the insights that you need to know. Since Jaclyn and Ariel are very considerate about their private life, it isn’t surprising that not much information about their personal life is available on the internet. We have culminated this article will all the information that’s available publicly.

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