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Ashley Dejong Net Worth 2024 – How Rich Is the Tiktoker?




Ashley Dejong Net Worth

Social media has become a money-making machine, provided that you know how to use it right. One woman that has been growing lately on platforms like TikTok and Instagram is Ashley Dejong, aka “Lady and Red Style.”

Ashley initially grew her following on TikTok where she specialized in fashion blogging and even shared lifestyle content across her socials. Besides her social media presence, Ashley has an equally thriving presence on the internet with her fashion blog, Lady and Red Style.

If you want to explore more about Ashley Dejong, her career, and her net worth, this article will take a look at it all.

Early Life

Born and raised in California, Ashley’s early life was steeped in creativity and self-expression. This naturally led her to the world of modeling and acting. Her stunning looks and captivating presence landed her gigs in commercials, music videos, and even a stint on the reality show “America’s Next Top Model.” 

While the glamour of the industry was undeniable, Ashley soon realized her true calling lay elsewhere. She is 33 years old, as of 2024, which means that she was born in 1991. Reports suggest that she was born to a well-settled family who has been nothing but supportive of her ventures from the start.

Growing up, Ashley knew that she wanted to explore a multifaceted career, which explains why she has acquired steady growth in the career that she has now. She is not only an influencer but a registered nurse and is growing her businesses too.

After completing her high school education, Ashley completed an Associate’s degree in Registered Nursing from Mercy College of Health Sciences. She later completed her Master’s degree from the same University. She managed to excel in both of her degrees.


Driven by a deep desire to help others, Ashley embarked on a career in nursing. She earned her associate’s degree and then went on to pursue a master’s degree, specializing in aesthetics. This newfound passion perfectly complemented her artistic sensibilities, allowing her to combine her love for beauty with the technical skills of a medical professional.

As social media exploded, Ashley saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between the worlds of healthcare and fashion. She began creating content on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, sharing her expertise in aesthetics and skincare alongside glimpses into her life as a nurse. 

Her relatable personality, coupled with her insightful medical knowledge, resonated with millions. Ashley’s online persona wasn’t just about flawless looks and trendy outfits; it was about empowering people to feel confident and beautiful in their skin.

Ashley’s online success soon translated into lucrative brand partnerships and collaborations. She became a sought-after influencer for major beauty and lifestyle brands, leveraging her reach to promote products and services. She also runs a successful blog, Lady and Red, further adding to her professional success extensively.

Personal Life

Ashley is currently single but her private life was splashed across the internet when she decided to divorce her husband in 2018. The couple had been together for eight years and even had a daughter named Rowan together.

Despite the start of their relationship being amazing and both of them feeling supported by each other, things didn’t work out for them eventually, which led to their eventual separation. 

Net Worth

With the multiple sources of income that Ashley has established for herself, it isn’t surprising that she has amassed an impressive net worth of around $5-$8 million. It isn’t known how much her net worth exactly is but this seems like a solid representation of how well established she is in her career.

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