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How To Get Assurance Wireless Free Tablet 2023?




How To Get Assurance Wireless Free Tablet

In a world where smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives, some people can’t afford to buy a tablet due to financial constraints. That’s where Assurance Wireless Free tablets step into the picture.

The program is run by Assurance Wireless Company and is primarily aimed at helping low-income families and households stay connected with their loved ones through their free tablets.

However, since there are certain eligibility criteria and stipulations associated with it, we’d recommend that you keep reading until the end of the article to get all the information on how to get the Assurance Wireless tablet for free in 2023.

What Is the Process for Obtaining a Free Tablet from Assurance Wireless?

If you are from a low-income household that lives from paycheque to paycheque and are having a hard time getting access to a tablet, availing of the Assurance Wireless free tablet won’t be as much of a hassle.

This is a form of the government aid program, where Assurance Wireless works to provide underprivileged families access to a fully functional tablet with no hidden costs so that the family cannot just stay connected to their friends and family but the children in the household can keep up with the latest education trends and resources right at their fingertips.

More than communication, the Assurance Wireless tablet program was launched to help students get access to the online programs, lessons, and resources they need to keep up with their education, especially for children in underprivileged families that can’t afford to buy one.

Furthermore, having access to this tablet will also help unemployed individuals land themselves a job and build their careers to get themselves and their families out of the financial rut they are stuck in.

What are the eligibility criteria to receive a free tablet from Assurance Wireless?

The reason there is a specific eligibility criterion in place is to ensure that only the families that need the tablet the most get access to it. For those who are confused about who decides the eligibility criteria, it is fixed by the federal government to help low-income households.

Since the tablet providers have limitations to the number of free tablets they can give out, only the neediest people in the lot qualify for the free tablets.

If you are wondering how to acquire more information about the program, the easiest way would be to visit the local government office to further enquire about the eligibility and availability as well.

There are multiple government programs available, which help people qualify for the Assurance Wireless tablet, so we’d recommend you check those out depending on which state or city you are in.

The eligibility criteria for availing of the free tablet is based on multiple factors, including income, resources, and also the condition that the family is in. Also, documentation verification is a vital part of determining eligibility, so ensure that all your documents are in place.

Some of the documents you’d have to keep in check are:

  • Pension or retirement statements
  • Veteran benefit statements
  • Pay stubs
  • Unemployment benefits statements 
  • SS benefits, etc.

Depending on which criteria you are using for applying, you’d be asked to produce relevant documentation for the verification.

Besides these, the applicant might also have to submit proof of their identity, residence, income proof, student information, etc. So, having a comprehensive discussion with the relevant authorities is key when applying for the free tablet.

What is the procedure for applying to receive a free tablet from Assurance Wireless?

Now that you have a basic idea about the Assurance Wireless tablet program, its eligibility criteria, etc., let us move on to the application process.

If this is your first time, simply follow the steps mentioned:

  • Start by opening your browser and then open Assurance Wireless’s official website.
  • Cross-check to see if the free tablet program is available in the city, state, or district you live in.
  • If it is available, click on Apply Now.
  • You then have to enter your ZIP code based on your residential address proof.
  • Next, to get access to the official application form, click on Apply Now again.
  • After that, follow the on-screen instructions as they pop up on your screen.

That’s it. You might have to add a digital copy of all the accessory verification documents as they ask for during the application process, so ensure that you have those sorted.

Note: Once you have applied for the program, kindly remember that you aren’t the only person applying. Thousands of other people have applied. Verification takes time, so you’d have to remain patient. You can check the status of your application on Assurance Wireless’ official website.

Benefits of the Assurance Wireless EBB Program

With the wait and the application process that comes with applying for the Assurance Wireless EBB Program, many people have one question, “Is all the hassle even worth it?”

Here are some of the benefits of the Assurance Wireless EBB Program:

  • Access to free internet services and devices.
  • Affordable data plan with additional free minutes.
  • Access to fixed monthly data each month.
  • Add-ons to the existing mobile data plan, which are affordable.
  • Second-hand mobile phone.
  • Upgrade the phone depending on availability.
  • Avail the services without needing to pay activation fees.
  • Services that don’t involve annual contracts.
  • Optimal and round-the-clock customer care services.

If you want to avail any or all of these benefits, we’d 100% recommend you go for the Assurance Wireless EBB Program without any complaints. 

Are there any Limitations to the Assurance Wireless EBB Program?

Now that you have a good idea about all the benefits that come with the Assurance Wireless EBB Program, wondering about the downsides is pretty common too.

Are there any limitations to this program? The simple answer is yes. Let us take a look at them:

  • The program is only available for low-income families and households.
  • There is a limitation to the number of free tablets and services per household.
  • The Assurance Wireless program offering free tablets is designed for individuals whose gross income falls below 135% of the poverty line, as per the federal government’s guidelines.

These are some of the restrictions that primarily correlate with the eligibility and process of application, so you shouldn’t be too off put by them.

Does Assurance Wireless provide free tablets through the Lifeline program?

Assurance Wireless doesn’t provide access to free tablets under their Lifeline program if that’s something you have been looking forward to.

However, they do offer smartphones under their Emergency Broadband Program. But, there are quite a lot of limitations involved in that. Both these programs are not available to low-income families though.

How do I Qualify for Assurance Wireless Lifeline Program?

Much like their free tablet program, if you want to qualify for their Lifeline Program, you’d need to apply for the same. There are no alternatives or hidden processing for the same.

There are individual eligibility criteria involved that you have to keep in mind and qualify for to be able to get access to their program.

If you are eligible under any government financial aid program like SNAP that will directly qualify you for the Lifeline Program.

However, keep in mind that these programs are designed to help and uplift people in low-income households. So, if you fall into that category, there’s not much you’d have to do but apply and wait for the update surrounding the application.

Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade

In some cases, Assurance Wireless also offers their customers the privilege to upgrade their existing smartphones for a minimal additional price.

The phone upgrade program is available for almost every customer but there are certain limitations depending on the device that you use. So, if you own anything that needs to be upgraded, visit Assurance Wireless’ official website and sort out the logistics from there.

Also, the people that qualify for the free phone upgrade service under Assurance Wireless get access to the phone upgrade option. However, not every mobile device is available for an upgrade, so you’d need to cross-check which ones are and which ones aren’t.


Assurance Wireless is known for helping low-income households figure things out, especially concerning having access to the internet and the virtual world through their financial aid programs. We hope this article gives you all the insights that you needed to know about their free tablet program and the mode of application as well.


1. What is the income limit to apply for the Assurance Wireless program?

The applicant’s family income must not cross 135% above the poverty line, as discussed under federal law.

2. Does Assurance Wireless offer free data?

The eligible candidates under the program with Assurance Wireless will be able to avail of free data monthly.

3. How to get a free tablet with EBT?

The only way is to check the eligibility criteria and apply for the free tablet on Assurance Wireless’ official website. From there, you’d have to wait to see if you have been selected for the program.

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