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Austen Kroll Net Worth 2023 – The Reality TV Star’s Fortune




Austen Kroll Net Worth

Austen Kroll is a reality star and brewing company entrepreneur, most infamously known for his part in the Bravo show Southern Charm. But what’s not as well known is just how much money he has made since rising to fame. Let’s take a look at Austen Kroll’s net worth, where it comes from, and how he got there.

Since appearing on the show, Austen’s career has flourished. He has become a spokesperson for several major brands and is also the face of his own beer line with MyStyle Brewing Company. As the owner of this business, Austen has earned significant revenue from celebrity endorsement deals and his beer line sales. Additionally, Kroll has created an apparel line in collaboration with Carolina Hangover that gives him an ongoing source of income.

Austen has also taken advantage of the current stay-at-home order by pivoting and launching a podcast entitled “Kroll Call with Austen Kroll.” This podcast platform serves as another source of income for Kroll, who earns through advertisement revenue and sponsorships from various companies.

Austen Kroll’s Net Worth And Financial Assets

By now, you may be wondering just how much Austen Kroll is worth. Well, sources peg his net worth anywhere between $500,000 and $2 million. He’s earned a good chunk of his fortune from reality television and other endeavours. So what are the sources of his income? Let’s look at a few:

  • Reality Television

Austen has appeared on Bravo’s “Southern Charm” since 2014, and no doubt, this has been one of his biggest sources of income.

  • Appearances

In addition to his “Southern Charm” gig, Austen has made appearances on other shows like “Watch What Happens Live” and “Relationshep.”

  • Restaurant Endorsement Deals

Austen is also a partner in several restaurants throughout the U.S., including Charleston’s “Palmetto Cafe” and Charleston Beer Works. He has leveraged these assets as endorsement deals for products like Ullo Wine Purifier and Capri Blue candles.

  • Sponsored Posts

Like many social media celebrities out there, Austen also participates in sponsored posts on Instagram and Twitter for products he endorses or brands he partners with.

Austen’s combined earnings from these sources stand at an estimated $500k-$2 million range that makes up his net worth, though that could change over time!

How Does Austen Kroll Generate Additional Income?

Austen Kroll has several streams of income besides reality television. One is from his podcast, Kroll Call, which he launched in 2019. On the show, viewers get to hear Austen and his celebrity friends talk about their latest projects and passions. He’s had a variety of guests so far, including Hannah Berner from Summer House, Shep Rose from Southern Charm, and actor DJ Qualls.

He also makes money from his partnership with Michelob Ultra through their program called “Organic on the Road.” They sent him on different trips to explore various organic ingredients used in the brand’s beer.

Austen is also an ambassador for Leesa mattresses, one of his favourite brands! Through this partnership, he regularly posts content to educate people on sleep health and the benefits of using a Leesa mattress, which he has in every one of his homes.

In addition to these partnerships, Austen sells merchandise like hats, shirts, and sweatshirts branded with logos for his podcast or favourite quotes from the show on his website. What’s more?  He’s even launched food-themed wine glasses that feature the catchphrase “tuna on toast” which was popularized by fellow castmate Patricia Altschul during season 6 of Southern Charm!


1. Does Austen Kroll come from money?

When it comes to assessing Austen Kroll’s net worth, it is quite deceiving. The main reason behind that is the fact that he already comes from a well-off family. His father worked under the FBI and his mother worked in software sales. He grew up in Charleston, which pretty much explains that he was well off from his childhood.

2. How much does Austen Kroll make per episode?

It is never possible to confirm how much each celebrity is making off of the shows they are appearing on. So, when it comes to Austen Kroll, it is pretty difficult to conclude that. However, that said, rumors suggest that he was earning around $25,000 per episode for his reality television series.

3. What are some additional income sources of Austen Kroll?

Besides earning a steady income from his reality television series, Austin has reportedly managed to generate a few other sources of income for himself. Among them, one that stands out is the Kroll Call, which is a podcast show he does.

4. Which brands does Austen Kroll promote?

Given the huge social media following, Austen promotes quite a few brands from time to time. Among them, one that is quite recurring is Leesa mattresses. He is the ambassador of the brand.

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