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Bad Brownies Net Worth: Not Bad But Good Brownies 




Bad Brownies Net Worth

In January 2016, Paz and Morag approached the Dragons’ Den investors with a variety of exquisite brownies. The pitching sessions were very dramatic. The dragons had several feedbacks, they also provided suggestions. Some were disappointed and others took risk and appreciated it.

Quick Facts

Founders name: Morag Ekanger,
Paz Sarmah
Business details: Gourmet-flavored chocolate brownies
Founded in: 2014
Location : UK
Asking of Company: £60,000 For 15% Equity
Accepted Deals: £60,000 For 30% Equity
Dragons on board (Investors): Touker Suleyman
Dragon’s Den Episode: Season 13 Episode 14
Net Worth: £1,500,000
Business Status: Active
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2024
Social Media: Facebook

What exactly happened inside the Den?

A lot of individuals with a sweet craving rushed to buy the delectable goodies for loved ones, friends, and themselves after hearing about Bad Brownies from the Dragons’ Den program itself. Let’s talk about the company.

About the Founder

Morag and Paz, two companions, founded the company, Bad Brownies. They discussed chocolate frequently when they used to work for an advertising company.

Finally, they came to an understanding of genuinely starting an organization in tandem. However, they had the confidence that their venture would certainly involve. The buddies sought an Item that they could simply manufacture at home despite having no prior cooking skills.

Founding the Bad Brownies 

Paz and Morag’s fascination has evolved into a delectable career as business partners, with their luscious cupcakes sold at roughly 10 to 15 locations a week which include Selfridges food hall. The brownies are loaded with calorie-dense components like dark chocolate, salty caramel as well as peanut butter.

They desired a product that would focus more on flavor than frosting and styling, a product that would satisfy everyone yet less flawless than something like muffins.

Bad Brownies

Dragon’s Den Appearance 

The Dragons, who had a choice of more than 100 flavors, were swept away by the sweetness of the brownies. However, they were asked to pony up $76,403.94 for a 15% ownership stake by the owners.  

Firstly, after the math-heavy interrogation, Nick Jenkins inquired about their cost-to-profit margin, which caused the two business owners some confusion. He backed out because of their hesitation. Secondly, Peter Jones declared his departure due to the partners’ tactics for the distribution of their business. Thirdly, Deborah Meaden admired the idea of brownies but was not willing to risk making a gamble regarding their commercial ambitions.

After several rejections, one Dragon came forward to hold them tight, although he too had doubts.

Paz and Morag needed the initial 60k to launch their ambitious goals to increase brownie availability through sales and franchised outlets. Touker Suleyman immediately expressed serious doubts about their expansion strategy. 

However, immediately after Touker Suleyman presented them with an innovative company strategy and an acquisition offer, Paz and Morag’s situation began to improve. He gave them a stunning exchange for a 35% interest in the business—the full investment amount. 

Following a bit of debate, two friends convinced Touker to agree on a reduction in price to 30%. The two were sure of turning their company into a huge success with Touker alongside them.

After Dragon’s Den 

Bad Brownies’ fortune increased to $1,78,522.90 in 2019 and has continued to grow since then. These brownies taste fantastic and look wonderful, making them an established brand in London and around the UK.

The company is now amassing a projected wealth of $19,10,098.50 due to its controlled but impressive proposal.

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