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Barack Obama’s Net Worth – How Much Is the Former American President Worth?




Barack Obama's Net Worth

Barack Obama is a name that doesn’t await anyone’s introduction. The former U.S. President made history not just by becoming the 44th President of the country but becoming the first African-American president of the country.

With his presidential prowess and his political affiliations, it isn’t surprising that Obama managed to secure a pretty impressive net worth to his name. 

This article will further explore more information about Barack Obama, his early life, career, and rise to fame.

Early Life

Born on August 04, 1961, Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to Ann Durham and Barack Obama Sr. His mother has a mix of English, German, Swiss, and Welsh descent while his father was an African-American. The couple met in one of their Russian language classes at the University of Hawaii Manio. They married in 1961 and Barack Obama was born six months after.

Over the years during his childhood, Barack has moved multiple times. Initially, when Barack’s parents divorced in 1964, he lived with his mother for a bit in Honolulu but later when she remarried Lolo Soetero, the entire family shifted to Indonesia following Soetero’s visa expiration.

After living in Indonesia for a bit, Barack later shifted back home to Honolulu where he lived with his maternal grandparents and completed his education there. Barack lost both his parents quite early. His father died in a car accident and his mother died of cancer.

Personal Life

Barack Obama’s personal life is pretty much open to the public. Besides having a tumultuous and eventful childhood, Barack later married Michelle Robinson (later became Michelle Obama) in 1992. 

The couple has two daughters, Malia Ann and Natasha Marian. Throughout their time at the White House, Obama and his family caught the attention of the public with his intellect and his commitment to public service.


Following graduating from Harvard Law School, Obama has been focused on giving back to society and his commitment to public service is an inspiration. Right after his graduation, Obama worked as a civil rights attorney while also teaching classes at the University of Chicago.

Later in 1996, Obama was elected to the Illinois State Senate, where he worked for 8+ years and grew to prominence with his keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

It was in 2008 that Obama made history after becoming the first African-American president in 2008. During his work at the office, Obama worked on bringing positive shifts on multiple issues, including economic recovery, healthcare, and climate change.

Following leaving the White House in 2017, Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama have been vocal about their vision and the reforms they want to introduce to the world.

Net Worth

Barack Obama has an estimated net worth of $70 million, which isn’t 100% accurate, given the fact that we don’t have a close look into his annual earnings, his income sources, and the kind of active investments he makes. Besides earning from his political affiliations, Barack Obama also earned a steady income from the books he authored.

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