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Battlefield Mobile Open Beta is Finally Available in Select Regions




Battlefield Mobile Open Beta is Finally Available in Select Regions

Battlefield Mobile, which is the latest expansion to the popular Battlefield franchise, has finally started its open beta testing in a handful of regions. The gaming franchise ran several closed betas until now, making this the first public open beta.

The initial confirmation about the release of Battlefield Mobile came about in April 2021, which was when Electronics Art confirmed the news. Back then, the release date of Battlefield Mobile was scheduled to be in 2022.

Although there is no confirmed news about the official release dates, this is the first open beta rollout, which has left most users excited and intrigued about what’s to come. There has been confirmation that the Battlefield Mobile isn’t going to be a mobile port, which was one of the most common confusion that people had.

The developers confirmed that Battlefield Mobile is going to be specifically designed for just mobile and tablet users at this point. 

As for the news about the open beta testing, it is currently available in a select few regions only, including countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc. 

But, this isn’t the end of the open beta testing. The FAQ section under Battlefield Mobile suggests that new regions will soon become available under beta testing. Pre-registrations are going on for the same via the Google Play Store page of Battlefield Mobile.

This is the first mobile game from Electronics Art and looks like the game developers are all set to break into the mobile gaming market with their first Battlefield Mobile. The inspiration and push for the same come from the sheer success that follows Call of Duty Mobile.

What’s interesting about the open beta sets from Battlefield Mobile is the fact that they are currently and initially available in Southeast Asian countries. But, this is an extremely planned move, especially because mobile gaming is intensely popular there.

Despite the cold response to Battlefield 2024, there are bright chances that the reception of Battlefield Mobile is going to be quite promising. 

Whether or not the game garners a lot more popularity in the mobile version as opposed to PC and gaming consoles is something that we’d have to wait and check around. But, on an overview, Battlefield Mobile is set to bring forth very promising popularity to the gaming world. So, if you are excited about the beta launch, ensure to sign up for pre-registration.

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