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Best Ways to Calm Yourself During Stressful Situations – A Guide




Best Ways to Calm Yourself During Stressful Situations

Best Ways to Calm Yourself During Stressful Situations

Everyone gets upset and worried from time to time. While this is a regular part of life, it can become overwhelming, and you might find it difficult to calm down. You may face situations where your anger and anxiety have taken over you, and you cannot find a solution.

Although being able to compose yourself is easier said than done, and it takes years of practice, there are a few strategies you can implement to help you overcome that feeling of anxiety or anger. Some of those strategies are discussed below.

Take Deep Breaths

Breathing is one of the best and more effective ways to reduce your anxiety and anger quickly. Typically, when someone is angry or anxious, they tend to take shallow, quick breaths. This sends a message to the brain that the body is under duress. That’s why one must try to take deep, long calming breaths to disrupt that loop so that it can help you calm down.

You need to practice breathing techniques proven to help people compose themselves in challenging situations. One of the techniques is three-part breathing, where you need to take a deep breath in and exhale while paying complete attention to your body. When you start getting comfortable with deep breathing, you can experiment and alter the ratio of inhalation and exhalation.

You can also practice deep breathing, where you have to lie on your back on the floor or the bed and keep a pillow under your knees and head. You must breathe through your nose and allow the air to fill your stomach. Then, place one hand on your tummy and breathe out through your nose. You will notice that as you breathe in, your belly rises, and your belly returns to the normal position as you breathe out.

Distract Your Mind by Playing Games

Pacing up and down or filling your head with anxious thoughts will not help you. If you are upset about something and there’s no way to let that out, you need to distract your mind so you don’t harm yourself. Nowadays, amazing games are available for download on your mobile devices. For instance, you can play block puzzle game online. The block puzzle is a wonderfully simple game that keeps your mind occupied as you try to place the block pieces on the grid to create horizontal and vertical lines. Some matches are timed, and you can compete with opponents, increasing your excitement. As you compete against a real-life opponent and try to score higher than the rest, your mind will forget about the troubling thoughts, and your focus will be on solving the game.

After a while, you might even forget what was troubling you or be calm enough to find a suitable solution for your problem.

So, whenever you feel upset, take out your phone and start playing a game. These games can help you relax and are one of the best ways to blow off steam. They will stimulate your mind and help you get better at solving problems.

Go for a Walk or Run

It is essential to release your pent-up energy and get all your emotional energy out. You can go for a walk or run. You can also start exercising to compose yourself and feel better. When you exercise, walk or run, your body will release happy hormones that will help your body to relax.

Listen to Your Favorite Music

If you find your anxiety levels cranking up, you can plug in your earphones and start listening to your favorite songs. Listening to music has a calming effect on your body and mind. It will help to distract your mind and allow you to think about the situation from a different perspective.

So, don’t forget to carry your favorite songs wherever you go. It can instantly relax your mind and help keep anxious thoughts at bay.

Practice Yoga Regularly

One of the most effective ways to stay calm is by practicing yoga and meditation. You must regularly engage in mindful yoga asanas to be conscious of your thoughts and actions. Yoga will help to keep you calm from within and give you the strength to overcome all obstacles. You will be capable of remaining calm no matter what the situation or what life throws at you.

Also, you can practice meditation regularly. It can be practiced at the start of the day or before bed. As you clear your mind, you gain the strength to let go of all anger and anxious thoughts. You will be able to train your mind to always stay calm. People or situations will not be able to deter your inner strength, and you will always rise above the rest.

Accept You are Angry and Assert Your Feelings

Since anger and anxiety are a part of life, there’s no point denying what you feel. The more you deny it, the worse it gets. So, it would be best if you accepted your feelings and opinions. It would be best to assert your feelings and not be aggressive. Instead of being passive or defensive, you need to clearly state what you are going through to find a quick solution.

The Bottom Line

So, whenever you find yourself in stressful situations or your anxiety levels going off the charts, you need to keep these strategies in mind. Follow them regularly to live a comfortable and happy life.

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