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Bill Gurley Net Worth 2023: How Rich Is The Uber Investor?




Bill Gurley Net Worth

Bill Gurley is a big name in the technology sector. He is one of the early investors in the international ride-hailing giant Uber. He has an eye for great businesses and is often ranked on the Midas List by Forbes.

Gurley is a rich and successful investor. He has built a massive wealth through his hard work and knowledge. His current net worth is around $8 billion.

If you are intrigued to know more about his life history and career, read this post till the end.


Gurley is a native of Dickinson, Texas. His full name is John William Gurley and he was born on the 10th of May, 1966. He always had an interest in technology. Other than that he enjoyed playing basketball and other sports.

He attended the University of Florida, where he acquired a degree in computer engineering. In college, he was a part of the basketball team. After completing his graduation in 1989, he joined the University Of Texas McCombs School Of Business to study MBA.

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After completing his master’s, he secured a job at Advanced Micro Devices, and then joined Compaq. He then became a partner at Hummer Winblad Venture Partners.

He also worked at CS First Boston for three years. During this time, he became one of the top technology analysts on Wall Street. His exceptional research skills helped him rise higher in his career. In 1995, he becomes a part of the Institutional Investor All-America Research Team.

After a few years, he became the head analyst for Amazon’s IPO. He also handled IPOs of other top companies like Dell and Microsoft.

Later he became a general partner of Benchmark Capital. This helped him become a part of the board of directors of multiple leading companies like, Grubhub, and Vudu.

Gurley was one of the investors to invest in Uber before the company went public. Until 2017, he was the most active board member of Uber.

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Net Worth and Earnings

Gurley had faith in Uber and invested around $12 million in the initial stages. After the company became successful, he left the board of members of Uber in 2017.

He became a billionaire after investing in Uber. Other than Uber, Gurley has also invested in cryptocurrency. He happens to be a supporter of Ethereum. He became interested in crypto coins in 2021 and started investing in them.

In 2023, Bill Gurley’s net worth is around $8 billion. His net worth has increased over the years and is expected to increase more in the future.

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Personal Life

Bill Gurley is a married man. His wife is Amy Gurley, a partner in Benchmark Capital. They make a powerful business couple and share three beautiful children.

At present, the family is settled in Atherton, California, where he owns a lavish home. He is a private person and doesn’t like to reveal much about his personal life. He has never spoken about his assets or spending habits to the media.

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1. How much did Bill Gurley invest?

Gurley is a long-serving partner at Benchmark. When it comes to the investments he has made, one of the most notable investments of his that stands out is the $11 million investment that he made in Uber in the year 2011. Besides that, Gurley has also invested in other companies, including GrubHub, Zillow, Vessel, Glassdoor, etc.

2. How much did Gurley make off Uber?

With a net worth that stands at $8 billion, it is safe to say that Gurley has made a pretty great return on his investments. Since Gurley invested $11 million in 2011 before Uber’s IPO launch, reports suggest that he is expected to have $8 billion worth of shares in the company.

3. Does Bill Gurley invest in cryptocurrency?

Although there isn’t much information about the investments that Bill Gurley makes, it is believed that he is quite interested in cryptocurrency and invests actively in Ethereum. There are no inputs from his end on how much he invests.

4. Where did Bill Gurley work before becoming an investor?

Bill worked in several leading tech companies before his entrepreneurial and investment journey. He worked with Amazon for their IPO launch. He has also worked with other companies like Microsoft and Dell for their respective IPO launches.

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