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Bobo Buddies Net Worth 2024: Travel Chums For Children 




Bobo Buddies Net Worth

How useful it is to have several features in one thing! It becomes flexible to use and carry them anywhere we want, especially if it is for children. Roupell reduced the stress on parents by creating Bobo Buddies. The name itself has a cozy and comfortable feeling.

Walk through the article to know more about the company and its features.

Quick Facts

Founders name: James Roupell
Business details: Backpack, pillow, and blanket in one.
Founded in: 2012
Location : UK
Asking of Company: £50,000 For 15% Equity
Accepted Deals: £50,000 For 40% Equity
Dragon on board (Investors): Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden
Dragons’ Den Episode: Season 11 Episode 12
Net Worth $158,566.88
Business Status: Active
Last Updated: Mar 01, 2024
Social Media Instagram

About the Founder 

This company is owned by James Roupell. Initially, he worked at a start-up in the nursery goods sector after graduating from college. But he had always dreamed of running a company of his own. He invested his savings of $44,405 to launch Bobo Buddies. According to, he had the idea after noticing gifts and quilts for children all about on a plane.

Founding the Bobo Buddies 

Bobo Buddies was initially conceived as a 4-in-1 travel toy. The toy is the unification of a travel pillow, a plush toy, a bag, and a warm fleece blanket. As a result, the portable toys are of high quality and have useful features.

Kids find Bobo Buddies to be appealing since it offers incredibly soft and fluffy. The ability to carry everything a child needs in one container is useful for parents. Before James debuted on the show, the demand for the toys was so high that 3,500 of the plushies were sold in just five months. He also convinced 80 merchants to carry his brand.

Dragon’s Den Appearance 

James arrived at Dragon’s Den UK in March 2014, episode 12 of Season 11, seeking advice and a financial boost. He solicited $63,412 while offering the dragons for 15% of his company.

James impressed the entrepreneurs despite several issues. Finally, all five dragons eventually started making proposals. The paired investors, Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden were eager to work together, providing the full sum in exchange for 40% of Bobo Buddies. James recognized the intrinsic worth Deborah and Peter proffered, despite other dragons’ offers which were for 35% or even 30%.

Both of them agreed to return James a portion of their ownership once they earned their money back. However, James found it difficult to give up such a sizable portion of his business. Deborah and Peter, however, resisted moving. He eventually returned and took them up on their offer. The entrepreneurs looked to have prevailed.

After Dragon’s Den 

Later on, though, the transaction fell through, the financial commitment was initially approved as said by Tiger Mobiles. However, James resisted giving up 40% of the company after consulting with other mentors.  

This is just another instance of a Dragons’ Den deal failing to materialize, as the Mirror has reported. This frequently occurs, either as a result of a dragon’s decision or its proprietor’s actions.

In summary, the company has grown. He sold over 20,000 copies even in the first year following the Dragons’ Den taping. Everybody can purchase Bobo Buddies rattles, gift packages, chimes, and blankets as described on the website. He informed Huffington Post that he had $1,90,276.50 in revenue in 2014. In addition, he distributes to eight more nations in addition to the 250 UK merchants.

However, the net worth of the company is $158,566.88 as of 2024.

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