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Buckle Me Up Net Worth 2024: Buckle Up to Understand Buckle Me Up




Buckle Me Up Net Worth

Safety requires everywhere. Nowadays, there are so many vehicles on the road, and 98% of them have buckle warning systems in the front seat. However, 87% of vehicles lack these in the back seat. Because of this, several mishaps occur. Thinking about the safety of people Andrew invented Buckle Me Up.

To know more about this product and want your children to be safe on the road, you have visited the right site. Go through this article and gather information about its owner and the journey.

About the Founder 

The creator and proprietor of Buckle Me Up is Andrew Leary. Andrew revealed to the Sharks that a bunch of firemen created this business when they witnessed youngsters who were not wearing seat belts met with an accident. 

On seeing this, they decided to create a detecting tool. Andrew supported them and started this initiative by selling his house and investing $2 million. Andrew’s firm, Lockliv, is the owner of the Buckle Me Up safety device.

Founding Buckle Me Up 

Buckle Me Up is a sensor and warning system that is utilized to keep track of seatbelts in the backseat. When the back seats are filled and not harnessed in, the wireless security system couples with a smartphone and notifies the driver. The gadget can be used in public transportation, including school buses.

Shark Tank Appearance 

Before Buckle Me Up made an appearance on Shark Tank, 200 buses, valued at 1.9 million, had the advertisement on them. After featuring at the show in July 2017, he initially demanded $390,000 for a 10% ownership in the business, valuing it at $3.9 million.

However, there was one problem that Buckles Me Up did not own the intellectual property. Intellectual property is used by Buckle Me Up for an additional charge per unit. But Leary was the owner of the business who was the owner of the intellectual property. 

Since there is no genuine control over the product for shareholders, this argument caused the majority of investors to withdraw from Andrew’s firm. Because Andrew was not completely exposed to the board, they almost slammed into him.

However, if Andrew wanted to sell the entire business for $1.55 million, Steve Baxter enquired. When asked if there were any counteroffers, Andrew hesitated. But the aforementioned issue persisted. Then Andrew made Steve a 2 million dollar offer, which he declined and departed empty-handed.

After Shark Tank 

With an excellent product and an intriguing proposition, Andrew Leary approached the shark tank. The fellow Sharks were all eager to negotiate and learn more, but they refused to agree to a plan where Leary would own the patent rights as an owner. However, Leary ended up with nothing after the Sharks abandoned the ship. 

Regardless of this, the business continued to enjoy some success, with a net worth that exceeds USD 1 million. As of 2022, Andrew Leary, the creator of Buckle Me Up, has a fortune of USD 3 million.

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