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Candy vs. Love and Death: How Do the Two Miniseries Differ?




Candy vs. Love and Death: How Do the Two Miniseries Differ?

The story of Candy Montgomery is back in the spotlight with two new limited series. HBO Max’s “Love & Death,” and Hulu’s “Candy,” both explore the same crime, but they follow a different approach.

It’s quite common for big streaming services and big networks to make shows and movies about real-life crimes. But since both the shows were released back-to-back, viewers are curious to know the difference.

We will help you find out the major differences between the two shows in this post. But in the end, it’s up to you to decide which series you like better and what you take away from the story.

Unveiling The True Story Of Candy Montgomery

In 1980, on 13th June, Betty Gore’s husband, Allan, was away for work. He couldn’t reach Betty in Texas and asked his neighbors to check on her as he was worried for her. To their shock, they found Betty’s injured body and her little daughter alone, unattended for hours. They also spot an axe nearby.

As per the investigation reports, Betty was attacked 41 times with the axe that was found beside her dead body. It was revealed that Candy, Betty’s friend had an affair with Allan. 

Candy visited Betty’s home on the day she was killed. The police discovered Candy’s fingerprint, matching a bloody one at the crime scene. Two weeks later, Candy was arrested as the main suspect.

Telling The Story Two Different Ways

“Candy” and “Love & Death” are the two shows that are based on the same true story, but they are not exactly alike. First, they have different actors, and secondly, the shows are available on different streaming platforms.

While Hulu’s “Candy” is shorter and has only five episodes, “Love & Death” on HBO Max has seven episodes and more private moments, including a bed scene in the first episode.

Even though both the shows tell the same story, they use a different approach to execute it. The HBO Max one is more dramatic than the Hulu version which focuses more on the psychological part of the case.

However, there are more differences between the two shows and we have covered them in the lines below.

  • Candy and Love & Death Follow Different Genre Tropes

“Love & Death” unfolds the story slowly, so you can get to know Candy on a personal level. “Candy” on the other hand, has more of a psychological thriller vibe. The show keeps Candy somewhat distant to make her seem eerie, fitting with the horror style it’s going for. 

Olson’s Candy in “Love & Death” is more relatable because it’s presented as a drama, while Hulu’s version portrays Candy as a villain to match its psychological thriller approach.

  • Love & Death Is More Focused Around The Local Church

In “Love & Death,” a lot of scenes happen at the local church where the Gores and Montgomerys go. The church doesn’t play a big role in Hulu’s version of the show. However, both shows focus on the church-sponsored volleyball game that got Candy interested in Betty’s husband, Allan. 

Jackie, the church leader, is in both “Candy” and “Love & Death.” Jackie leaving the church has a bad impact on Candy, which symbolizes the breakage of a religious bond in both shows. Apart from that, Hulu’s “Candy” doesn’t have many connections to the church. “Love & Death” includes the church setting more often in its story.

  • Love & Death Unfolds The Narrative In A Chronological Order

“Love & Death” follows a straightforward storytelling approach. In the first episode, both stories include glimpses of the murder scene through flash-forwards. However, “Love & Death” primarily follows a chronological progression, narrating the events in the order they occurred, except for a few brief scenes hinting at the tragic details of Betty’s death.

On the other hand, “Candy” takes a more dynamic narrative approach by jumping back and forth between different timelines. It shifts between the crime scene, murder, trial, and backstory, incorporating flash-forwards and flashbacks throughout the series.

  • Candy & Allan Shares A More Intimate Relation In Love & Death

In “Love & Death,” the relationship between Allan and Candy feels more genuine compared to the connection between the pair in “Candy.” In Hulu’s Candy, there are only a few intimate scenes between Candy and Allan, and these scenes lack emotion and passion. 

On the other hand, “Love & Death” portrays Allan and Candy’s affair with more intense sex scenes, making their relationship appear more emotional. The limited intimate moments in “Candy” stand out as a significant difference between the two shows, impacting the overall dynamic between Allan and Candy.

  • Allan And Betty Has A Foster Son In Candy

In “Candy” Allan and Betty have a daughter named Christina and a newborn baby. They also foster a boy named Davey. However, in “Love & Death,” Allan and Betty only have a newborn child and a daughter named Alisa and a newborn child, with no mention of fostering. 

In real life, Allan and Betty’s actual daughter goes by the name Lisa. The information about Davey, in Candy doesn’t indicate if it’s based on a real person. The real Gore couple fostered many kids during their marriage, but that is not included in “Love & Death.”

  • Pat And Candy Share A Better Marriage In Candy

In “Candy,” Pat and Candy have a better marriage compared to “Love & Death.” In Love & Death, Pat Montgomery is shown as somewhat distant. He’s more into TV and late-night comedy than paying attention to Candy. His simplicity and childlike behavior don’t match Candy’s nature.

This contrast becomes a reason for Candy to break Allan’s rules and have an affair in “Love & Death.” However, in “Candy,” Pat is more attentive towards Candy. Unlike Love & Death’s Pat, Hulu’s Candy portrays Pat as offering emotional support and advice to his wife in various situations.

Final Words

By now the differences between “Love & Death” and “Candy” should be clear. Despite being based on the same story, both shows have some notable differences. These differences create unique experiences for viewers, showcasing how different storytelling choices can shape the overall impact of a series.

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