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Chase Namic: Young Entrepreneur Making $100k per Month with YouTube




Chase Namic

Chase Alexander Peters (aka Chase Namic) is an entrepreneur who runs a network of 20 “cash cow” YouTube channels that generate $50,000 $100,00 per month. Essentially he outsources the entire video creation process and has team of staff who write the script, do the voice over and edit the videos. A real hands off approach that requires a big upfront investment before you can recoup your money. This is probably what puts off most people from using this strategy, investing $1,000-$2,00 per month with no return for 6 – 9 months can be a difficult to deal with.

Strategy Outlined

Through his various Instagram accounts (@thayoutubeplug and @lnvestlng) Chase posts some excellent advice on how to run a successful YouTube channel.

Below I have outlined the steps involved:

  1. Pick a niche with a high CPM ($5-$10) where advertisers are actively spending big bucks to reach customers. Good niches to target include gaming, software and investing. Bad niches would be anything not advertiser friendly, prime examples would be prank and compilation channels.
  2. Plan out what type of content you want to produce and the skills required. You might need a scriptwriter, voice over artist, video editor and thumbnail designer.
  3. Recruit freelancers using Upwork, Fiverr and YouTube. This is the most time-consuming task as it’s difficult to find reliable workers. Once you find someone talented make sure to pay them well to keep them motivated. Offering them a percentage of profits on their videos might be a sensible solution.
  4. Once you have recruited your team, you’re ready to start uploading content. Start off slow and stick to a schedule you can maintain. One video per week is a good starting point then scale you gradually.
  5. Be willing to back yourself and invest in ideas, it could take 6-9 months before you experience solid progress but once you develop momentum it become easier.
  6. Produce evergreen content that will remain relevant pretty much forever. Evergreen content is where you can get the highest ROI hands down.

His Channels

While he shares a lot of useful advice, Chase doesn’t reveals many of his YouTube channels. Obvious reasons would be to stop people from copying his channels or potentially flagging them. Simply Fortnite and Viral Now are the only channels he has publicly revealed.

Programs Available

Chase has a mentorship program that sells for $997, teaching you everything he knows so you can replicate his success. Based on feedback from someone I know who took the course he provides brilliant information but ultimately it’s then up to you to take action.  For $7500 you can join the YouTube Accelerator program, this a 80/20 agreement where you get 80% and he gets 20%. Chase personally builds out the entire channel for you, takes care of all the hiring and helps with promotion to boost view velocity.  For a hefty $20,000 you can join YouTube Automation. The channels will be 100% automated, Chase chooses the niche, hires the team and manages channel for you.

Net Worth

Chase Namic has a net worth of $3 million as of 2020, over the next year his personal wealth will continue to grow as his YouTube empire expands. Will be interesting to see what other projects he has planned.

Interview with Apple Crider

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