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Can you Check who Viewed Your Instagram Profile?




how to check who viewed your Instagram account

When Instagram launched a little under a decade ago it was making a move into a highly competed field with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter already making their presence known as established sites.

Jump forward to today though and you’ll find a network that boasts over one billion monthly users making it second only to Facebook. One of the newer ‘celeb types’ these days is an Instagram influencer; whilst the majority of the sites active users are happy to follow their friends, family and colleagues there is one thing every single account holder will, at one time or another, have in common – the desire to know who has been looking at their profile but can it be done?

The standard detail

As with social media platforms since the dawn of time, one way you can keep a track of who is looking at your profile is to review who leaves comments and/or likes on your posts and photos. This not only tells you who is looking at your profile but provides an insight into the sort of content they enjoy. The downside to this form of tracking is that someone is possibly viewing your posts without interacting with them and this can go under the radar.

This isn’t the same case with your Instagram story though and it’s just as well too given how much time people put into getting the perfect story put together. Unlike your more standard posts, your story picks up everyone who has viewed it ensuring nobody can watch you from afar unknown. If you need a high profile example of the benefit to story tracking then think of Colleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy, the wives of two Premier League footballers.

Taking a business view

Did you know Instagram offers all users the option to register themselves as a business? Well, it does and you don’t have to be a company to use it.

Once you’re configured as a business you have the ability to see deeper analytics including the geographical area viewers come from, their age and gender, the days and times your profile is most viewed and an overview of total impressions made by your content.


Follower Analyzer – Android

One of the top-rated apps for android models is Follower Analyzer, which has a score of 4.2 out of 5 from over 80,000 reviews. The app highlights anyone who chooses to unfollow you but also details which of the posts you make are most liked; beyond that, you can see trends of who likes and comments on said posts.

IG Master Followers – iPhone

Devices that run on IOS software can use IG Master Followers. The app will give you basic information on your existing followers, for example, who has blocked you but its real selling point is their claim to get you more followers; the app uses in-depth intelligence to feed you useful and likely follower matches to grow your reach.

That’s all folks, hopefully, you feel a little more educated in all things ‘followers’ and, who knows, maybe you’ll be an influencer sometime soon.