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Core Keeper, the Bigger Co-Op Game is Getting the Biggest Update




Core keeper

Core Keeper, the Bigger Co-Op Game is Getting the Biggest Update

It’s not every day that you come across a lucrative and high-potential co-op survival game but 2022 was a breath of fresh air with Core Keeper. The mining and crafting game is no doubt engaging and fun to get into.

The stunning storyline and the even better gaming world where it’s based make this a game worth exploring. From hidden dangers to the impact of brutal mob bosses, a lot is going on.

Within a few weeks, Core Keeper managed to climb the charts quite quickly and became one of the bestselling games on Steam, garnering over half a million download just in the first two weeks.

Despite the already existing popularity of the game, the developers, Pugstorm, aren’t planning to stop any time soon. Instead, they are releasing one of the biggest updates in the game on November 10.

According to the reports, the new update – The Desert of Beginnings, will feature a sandy and hot new biome to the existing underworld. It will also include a new sub-biome called Molten Quarry. With just a few updates in, looks like there’s a lot that’s coming in with the new update.

In the newer desert biome, the players will now be able to mine Galaxite ore, which will be a new type of resource in the game. Also, there will be three different types of go-carts available with the new update inside the game, helping the players run away from their enemies.

But, the new update doesn’t stop there. With the offroading, the new update also introduces the players to two new bosses that you’d have to take down in the game – Igneous the Molten Mass and Ra-Akar the Sand Titan.

Both these bosses will come with their elixir, making them extremely difficult to take down. The update will also introduce a few new base-building options along with an insect-catching net. You have to collect 12 different bugs throughout the game, so that’s another thing you have to look out for.

Pugstorm says that the new update will make the game even more enticing and engaging. The ability to fish from boats or even add ingredients to the cooking pot will make it even more realistic and interactive for the players.

Core Keeper is currently available on Steam if you are interested in downloading and playing the game. Also, more information about the new update will come around as the launch date creeps closer.


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