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Cup Board Pro Net Worth in 2023: How Is The Company Doing After Shark Tank?




Cup Board Pro Net Worth

If “Cup Board Pro” sounds familiar, it’s because you have watched them on Shark Tank. This amazing invention was pitched on the third episode of season 10.

Cup Board Pro was an extraordinary product that secured a deal from all the five sharks present on the show. It is a simple-looking cutting board with a tray that collects juices and food scrapes. The estimated value of the company in 2023 is $15 million. If you are curious to know more about the company, then read below.

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Shark Tank Appearance

Cup Board Pro entered the tenth season of Shark Tank in 2019. They proposed a 10% stake in their company for a sum of $100,000.

The Young family delivered a heart-touching pitch to the sharks. No doubt, the product was amazing, but the investors were moved by her pitch. Their decision was also based on the fact that cutting boards have a good profit margin.

Cutting Board Pro is one of the very few products that secured an all-shark deal. After discussing among themselves, the five sharks countered Keira, Christian, and Kaley’s offer with a 20% stake for a sum of $100,000. They promised that they would donate all the profits to charities.

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After Shark Tank

Cup Board Pro reached a new height of success after the airing of the episode. All the stakes in the company were sold out in only a few minutes. The team received thousands of emails from customers who were interested to buy the cutting board.

As per reports, the company made over $1 million in sales by the end of 2019. The company was then linked up with Williams-Sonoma, Inc., by the sharks. This move was made to boost the advertising and manufacturing aspects of the company.

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About Founders

Cutting Board Pro is an innovative cutting board that is designed and created by Kaley, Christian, and Keira. The team of three pitched their business on the tenth season of Shark Tank.

During their pitch, they revealed that the cutting board was originally invented by their father Keith Young. It was his dream to come on Shark Tank.

The cutting board was invented in 2010. It was designed to collect juices and food scrapes that result from cutting. However, the production of the product was canceled because his wife, Beth fell sick due to breast cancer.

In 2012, Keith participated in a cooking competition on Food Network and ended up winning the show.

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1. When did Cup Board Pro appear on Shark Tank?

Cup Board Pro appeared on season 10 of Shark Tank. The team of three Christian, Kaley, and Keira proposed an offer of 10% equity in exchange for $100,000. With their excellent pitch, they ended up impressing all the sharks. No doubt, the product was good too.

2. Did Cup Board Pro get a deal from Shark Tank?

Cup Board Pro is one of the very few brands on Shark Tank that secured an all-Shark deal. After a short discussion, all five sharks offered a deal of 20% equity for a sum of $100,000.

3. Who are the founders of Cup Board Pro?

Cup Board Pro was founded by Kaley, Keira, and Christian. All three of them appeared on Shark Tank to pitch their product. They appeared on the tenth season of Shark Tank and ended up cracking an all-shark deal.

4. What is Cut Board Pro?

Cup Board Pro is an innovative cutting board with a detachable tray that contains food scraps. It makes the job of cutting and chopping easier and less messy. It is an extraordinary product invented by Kaley, Keira, and Christian. No wonder, they got an all-Shark deal.

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