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David Sacks Net Worth 2024 – A Rising Tech Entrepreneur




David Sacks Net Worth

Do you know David Sacks? Although you might not be acquainted with his name, you might be aware of some of his well-known endeavours. David Sacks is a renowned investor and serial entrepreneur who rose to fame and wealth through his work with some of Silicon Valley’s most prosperous businesses.

As COO of PayPal at the start of his tenure, David Sacks contributed to the company’s market value exceeding $1 billion. He later co-founded Yammer, a platform for corporate communications, which Microsoft purchased in 2012 for over $1 billion. After that, he co-founded and made investments in Zenefits, a small company HR platform. He was appointed Chief Creative Officer at Magic Leap in 2019, a tech business that specializes in creating devices and software for augmented reality.

David Sacks is regarded as one of the most successful individuals in the technology sector today. His approximated net worth is $1.5 Billion.

Quick Facts

Full Name
David Oliver Sacks
Birth Date May 25, 1972
Age 51 years
Profession Entrepreneur, Author and Investor
Country of Origin Cape Town, South Africa
Nationality American, USA
Marital Status Married
Jacqueline Tortorice
Net Worth (as of 2024) $1.5 Billion
Last Updated: April 3, 2024
Social Media Linkedin

David Sacks’ Career Successes

You might be curious as to how David Sacks acquired his over $1 billion in wealth. The obvious explanation can be found in his extensive and impressive career. He began working for PayPal as a young associate and ultimately rose to the position of COO. He developed a number of programs while he was employed there that improved the company’s performance and recognition. He left PayPal to co-found Yammer, a platform for business communications that Microsoft subsequently acquired for $1.2 billion.

Sacks started Craft Ventures in 2018, and since then, he has invested in over 80 businesses across a variety of industries, including start-ups in the healthcare and cryptocurrency sectors as well as more established firms like Lyft and Twitter. He also makes a lot of venture investments, including ones in Uber and Airbnb. Currently, the net worth of David is estimated to be over $1 billion as a  result of his professional achievements.

The Net Worth Of David Sacks

It is known to all that David is known to be one of the most successful professional people but does his net worth validate all these facts? In short, David’s net worth is much more than you might think. 

David Sacks is known to have an overall net worth estimated at around $1.5 Billion. This worth comes from different sources—such as his investments in PayPal, Yammer, and Uber—and from other sources such as his salary from Zenefits and his time as COO of Tesla Motors. Here are some steps david tool to achieve this success: 

  • Investing in successful companies early on in their life cycles;
  • Working for companies like PayPal, Geni, and Yammer;
  • Joining the executive team of Tesla Motors;
  • Becoming the COO of Zenefits in 2013.

David Sacks’ success story is inspiring, showing that regardless of how difficult the journey may be, it’s always possible to reach goals with hard work and determination. His wealth is a testament to the many successes he achieved throughout his career—and it’s clear that he won’t be slowing down anytime soon!


1. Where did David Sacks start his career?

With the kind of success and the huge net worth that David Sacks has claimed to his name, it isn’t surprising that people are often questioning how he kickstarted it all. According to reports, David’s career took off when he started working for PayPal. He started in an intermediate position but grew fairly quickly and became the COO.

2. How many Businesses has David Sacks invested in?

David Sack’s primary source of success and growth comes from the active investments that he made. According to reports, he has invested in over 80 businesses and has invested in different varieties of businesses from varying niches. He also actively invests in start-ups that he finds potential in.

3. When did David Sacks leave PayPal?

David Sacks’ rise to fame and his career growth comes from the active role that he played during his time with PayPal. However, when the company was sold to eBay in 2002, that’s when David also left the company to pursue business ventures by himself and he has managed to do it pretty successfully since then.

4. Where does David Sacks invest his money?

Besides his active investments in different businesses, David Sacks also invests his money in other ventures and that includes crypto as well.

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