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Disrupt Sports Net Worth 2024: Did The Company Receive Popularity?




Disrupt Sports Net Worth

Elphick asserts that because Disrupt is a new company, it is not recognized by the Migration Act as an organization to recruit eligible people for interim employment cards. 

Mr. Bailey was the operational manager for Student City Travel, which grew to become the European biggest network for young athletes group until being traded to Tui Travel, before traveling to Australia and collaborating on Disrupt in the year 2014.

The company needed capital, for which they appeared on Shark Tank. Was it a success? Let’s find out.

Quick Facts

Founders name: Gary Elphick
Business details: Custom Sports equipment
Founded in: 2014
Location : USA
Asking of Company: $250,000 for a 5.2% equity
Accepted Deals: No Deal
Sharks on board (Investors): None
Shark Tank Episode: Season 02 Episode 02
Net Worth: $10 Million
Business Status: Active
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2024
Social Media: Facebook

About the Founder

Sport is Gary Elphick’s life, his passion. The three primary things he is passionate about are surfing, skiing, and the practice of yoga. Thus, he recognized a need in the marketplace for an observational deck of his passion for athletics.

There is relatively limited room for the customization of equipment like surfboards, mats for yoga, snowboards, snowboards, etc. because these items are made in bulk.

Founding the Disrupt Sports

Disrupt Sports is currently the most desired manufacturing platform for custom Sports equipment. The customer can design their own sports equipment or you can visit their online store, they are actively available there. 

They have also opened up an office in the UK to service the European market, also in LA for the markets of the United States. Almost 77-80% of the business comes from overseas.

Disrupt Sports

Shark Tank Appearance 

Gary confidently made his proposal before the Sharks. Regarding a 5.2% ownership interest in the company he runs, Disrupt Sports, he was looking for $250,000. The Sharks were instantly receptive to Gary’s pitch and inquired regarding his income following that.

It was discovered that while Gary’s organization had a successful initial year, the prior eighteen months resulted in a loss of about $500,000 in revenue. Gary clarified that the expansion of Disrupt Sports was a long-term strategy and that funding was required. His $4 million assessment was mocked by the Sharks, and it was because of this estimation that four Sharks withdrew.

To the disapproval of the remaining Sharks, Glen Richards decided to assume the possible hazards of purchasing Gary’s business. Glen provided the whole $250k but demanded a 33% ownership part in the company. Gary was emotionless throughout the entire presentation before respectfully rejecting the proposal.

The Sharks challenged Gary to refute their assumptions and promised to check on his development after a year. Gary stated in a conversation that his company’s income has increased by roughly 500%, while not disclosing or advertising the company’s financial value. It was due to Gary’s recruitment of more shareholders who he determined were more suitable for their company, that Disrupt Sports launched an operation in the United States.

After Shark Tank 

Gary created a personalized athletic apparel business that, at the moment of his Shark Tank presentation, was performing well in several nations. The business has since grown to have an estimated worth of more than $10 Million.

However, Gary’s only reason for debuting on Shark Tank was to gain exposure which he eventually received.

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