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How To Download JUWA Game On iOS Devices?




How To Download JUWA Game On iOS Devices?

Free-to-play games are abundantly available on the internet and the best thing about these games is their playability. They are easy to navigate through and there are dozens, if not more, available on the Apple app store. There is also an abundance of iOS games that implement the use of real money, which can then be converted into 100x more.

If you are interested in similar games, the JUWA game is possibly one of the most popular iOS games that you can indulge in. Not only are they fun to play, but these games also come with a variety of amazing gameplay experiences that make it worth the play.

JUWA is a leading free-to-play game that allows you to invest real money and then multiply it with optimal strategies and gameplay. You can invest real money and then withdraw digital currency from the game, which is the first of many in this genre.

Also, if you are interested in fish table arcade games, JUWA is most definitely a worthy option for you to look into. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about JUWA and how to download it to your iOS devices.

How can you Download JUWA Game on iOS Devices?

Since JUWA deals with real money handling in a game, followed by withdrawal of digital currency, it isn’t surprising that the game isn’t available on the App store.

So, how do you download the game?

The steps to downloading the game to your iOS device are simple but involve a few extra steps. We have managed to sort out the entire process for you. 

  • Start by unlocking your iPhone and then open Safari
  • In the search bar, type
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the website’s homepage to find the JUWA game app
  • Tap on the game and open it in a new tab
  • You will find the download button beside it, tap on it
  • Once done, you’d have to wait for a few seconds for the download file to be ready
  • Complete the two tasks that are mentioned to qualify for the download
  • Reload the webpage and you should have the downloadable apk ready
  • You can download the apk from there to your iOS device

Once you have downloaded the JUWA game to your iOS device, you can navigate through the game’s app and find the games that you feel like playing.

Since the JUWA app isn’t available on the Apple App store, you need to rely on third-party app websites to be able to download the gaming app. However, if you don’t want the hassle of downloading and installing the app from a third-party app, what we’d recommend you do is use the web version of the JUWA app.

Under this, you can play the games directly on the website from your laptop or desktop. However, this also eliminates the purpose of downloading the app to your iOS device.

Alternatively, if you can’t access the official JUWA app, there are a few alternatives with a similar gameplay experience. is one of them. It has a separate JUWA game option under its homepage, which you can access and play your favorite games without any hassle. As you play along in the game and win more and more, you get better chances of winning the jackpot and later withdraw your money as digital currency directly into your crypto wallet.


1. Is playing JUWA addicting?

JUWA is a type of gambling game, which is highly addicting and has taken people’s net worth down the street. If you are considering downloading and playing this game, we’d recommend you proceed with caution. Set aside a budget and don’t overindulge.

2. Is it legal to play JUWA online?

JUWA platforms are legalized and registered on the internet. So, if you are planning to play the game, we’d recommend looking for reliable and licensed platforms only. Don’t fall prey to a scam or fraud websites because there is a fair share of that on the internet as well.

3. Is it safe to play JUWA online?

Ideally, this is a subjective question. It depends on which website you are playing the game on. Furthermore, the kind of inhibitions you have regarding the game matters a lot too. The last thing you want is to overdo your chances at playing and spend more than your budget. That’s where the problems start.

4. How do I manage the budget while playing JUWA?

When playing JUWA online, start the game with a fixed deposit in the account. This will give you a limit as to how much money you can spend on the game. 

5. What is JUWA?

JUWA is a free online game that is played with real money. The goal is to multiply your investment using the right strategies and gameplay. The game allows players to invest and withdraw money. It is currently one of the leading gambling games on the internet.

6. Can I play JUWA on my iPhone?

Although JUWA is a popular game, since it involves gambling, it is not available in the Apple App Store. This means you cannot play it on an iOS device. However, it can be downloaded from a third-party source online. For that, you will have to jailbreak your device.

7. Is JUWA gambling?

Yes, JUWA is gambling. It is an online game that requires players to invest real money and use strategies to multiply their money. To get the most out of this game, you need to be a skilled player.

8. How to download the JUWA app on iPhone?

JUWA app is not available in the App Store. Therefore, you will need to get the apk file from a third-party source. Once the apk file is downloaded, you can install the app on your iOS device. Just make sure to download the apk from a trusted source.

9. How to play the JUWA game on iOS devices without downloading it?

If you don’t want to download the JUWA game on your iOS device, then you can play it directly on the website from your laptop or desktop.

10. Are there other games similar to JUWA?

Yes, is one of the alternatives with a similar gameplay experience to JUWA. It allows you to play games and win money that you can withdraw as digital currency.

11. Why isn’t the JUWA game available on the Apple App Store?

The JUWA game deals with real money, including the withdrawal of digital currency, which goes against the policies of the Apple App Store, so it’s not available there.

12. What is the advantage of playing games like JUWA?

The main advantage of playing games like JUWA is that you can enjoy them without spending money upfront, and they often offer opportunities to multiply your investments through gameplay.


JUWA game is gaining immense popularity, especially due to the returns it promises. However, you also can’t rule out the fact that it’s extremely addicting and can take away all your money if you don’t play it consciously. We hope this article gives you all the insights you need.

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