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How To Download & Install LokLok On iOS?




How To Download & Install LokLok On iOS?

Do you enjoy and have a hobby of watching good movies and TV shows? If yes, you are in the right place. Ever since the rising demand for online movie websites, individuals are consistently on the lookout for free streaming platforms. 

Amidst all the available options, LokLok is undoubtedly the best in the lot, offering users access to free latest and classic movies and TV shows that they can binge-watch without any compromises. However, if you own an iOS device, chances are that you won’t be able to officially download and install LokLok to your iPhone.

This article will explore everything you potentially need to know about LokLok, its features, and its availability for iOS devices.

What is LokLok?

For those who are new and don’t have an idea what LokLok is, it is a free movie streaming platform developed exclusively for Android devices.

If you like binge-watching movies from the comfort of your home, this is hands down your best bet. The platform is interactive, backed with some of the best content, and the website is updated pretty regularly, which is another reason why you need to keep an eye out for this.

However, as we mentioned, LokLok is an Android-exclusive application, which means iOS users won’t be able to access it. 

What are the features of LokLok?

Now that you have a basic introduction to LokLok, let us walk you through the features. What makes this website so popular and why you might need to consider it for streamlining your movie streaming experience?

Following are some of the features that justify why LokLok is worth exploring:

  • Organized website

Although LokLok is a fairly new streaming platform, the one thing about this platform that stands out is the organization. Nothing is complicated or haphazardly arranged or placed on the website. This means that you have complete control over what you watch and when you watch it.

Even the categories on the website are pretty well organized, making it easier for you to navigate through the platform without any compromise at all.

  • Constant updates

When it comes to any free movie streaming platform, the one thing that most people are often confused about is the updates. You are sitting there wondering how to go about things.

So, if you want to indulge in a website that offers consistent and timely updates with new content, LokLok is one of those options that doesn’t disappoint at all. Additionally, you get to explore a variety of titles, including content from different South and Central Asian languages.

  • Different languages

Since LokLok is primarily focused on providing users access to Asian dramas and movies, it isn’t surprising that the website is inclusive of the languages that the users can access. The standard default language that’s set on the website is English.

However, they have a tab on the top-right corner of the website, which you can click to change to a favorable language of your choice. This makes navigation through the website even easier and hassle-free.

  • Shows and Anime

Besides movies, LokLok also hosts a variety of TV shows, especially Thai and Korean dramas that you can stream for free on the website. These are some of the unique and exclusive content that you will likely find on paid streaming platforms like Prime Video, Netflix, Viu, etc.

So, having a streaming platform that provides you access to all this content for free is pretty great, when you think about it. The only downside to this platform is that it doesn’t support a download option, which means that you’d need to stay connected to the internet when accessing the content on the website.

  • HD quality movies

Another reason why LokLok has gained the kind of popularity that it has is due to the quality of the content that’s available on its platform. Almost everything is in HD format, which means that you won’t have to worry about poor quality or pixelated movie streaming experience.

Furthermore, they also upload the latest episodes right after their official release, which suggests that you won’t have to wait for a long time to get access to the new episodes.

Despite how great LokLok is and how amazing the features are, the biggest downside to this platform is that it’s Android-exclusive. You can’t download and access the app on iOS devices officially.

Is LokLok Available on iOS?

As we have been discussing from the beginning of the article, LokLok is an Android app. It is officially available on Google Play Store and is available in an APK format.

You can also find it on a few third-party app stores that you can check out on their official website. The big downside to LokLok is that the content is app-only. This means that you can’t open the website on your iPhone’s browser and stream the movies or TV shows of your choice.

The only way you can potentially download and install LokLok on your iOS device is by downloading it from a third-party app store to a jailbroken iOS device.

How to Download LokLok on iOS?

If you have a jailbroken iOS device and have sideloading third-party app stores downloaded to your device already, you can use that route to download and install LokLok to your iOS device.

That said, you can’t deny the fact that LokLok is an Android-exclusive app, which means that you won’t find the app on the App Store.

So, officially, there is no straightforward way for you to download LokLok to your iOS device. Even for the jailbreaking method, we’d recommend that you avoid it at all costs since the third-party app store IPAs and APKs aren’t guaranteed to be 100% safe.

LokLok is no doubt one of the few streaming apps that focuses on Asian drama content, making it such a popular streaming platform. However, you can’t deny the fact that downloading the app comes with a lot of complications for your iOS device, which isn’t worth it in the end.

Is LokLok a Safe Application?

Even though LokLok isn’t available for iOS devices, you can’t deny the fact that it is a legit streaming platform.

They have an official website and their Android application is available on Play Store with pretty great reviews. So, if you are skeptical about the usability of the app, we’d recommend that you don’t worry since it is an official and reliable app.

How to Use LokLok on iOS?

Since there are no official ways to download LokLok on iOS, the best thing we’d recommend you do is download the alternative applications.

There are a variety of online streaming platforms that are available on the App Store, which should host similar content to what’s available on LokLok. Download and use them instead.


1. What is LokLok?

LokLok is a free movie streaming platform that mainly provides a large collection of movies and TV shows. They also upload the latest episodes right after their release.

2. Is LokLok available for iOS devices?

Unfortunately, LokLok is an Android-exclusive application, and iOS users cannot officially download and install it.

3. How to change the language on LokLok’s website?

On LokLok’s website, you can change the language by clicking on the tab in the top-right corner to select your preferred language.

4. Does LokLok allow offline content viewing?

LokLok does not allow users to download content from its platform for offline viewing. This means you will have to access the content online using an internet connection.

5. Is LokLok safe to use?

Yes, LokLok is a safe streaming platform for Android users. It has an official website and positive reviews on Google Play Store. You can either use the web-based version or download the mobile app.


LokLok is a leading streaming platform that hosts a variety of Asian drama shows and movies for you to binge-watch. If you have been meaning to download it to your iOS device, we hope you stumbled upon this article before that. Until LokLok releases an iOS-compatible application, we’d suggest relying on the alternatives.

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