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Dragon’s Den Ireland Cast Net Worth – Unveiling Their Wealth!




Dragon’s Den Ireland Cast Net Worth

Shark Tank paved the way for the airing of similar shows on the platform. While Shark Tank is predominantly quite famous in the United States, Dragon’s Den has gained immense popularity in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

If you have been curious to know about the net worth of the cast to break down who is the richest in the lot, you aren’t the only one.

This article will further look into all that you need to know about Dragon’s Den Ireland cast and their net worth.

1. Sean O’Sullivan ($50-$100 million)

Sean O’Sullivan

One of the richest dragons on Dragon’s Den Ireland is Sean O’Sullivan. He shot to the height of his fame after launching his debut business, MapInfo in 1985. After gaining good traction from MapInfo, O’Sullivan later launched another company, SOSV, which further catapulted his growth and success as an entrepreneur. According to reports, not only is he a famous dragon on the show, but O’Sullivan is also a key business professional in Ireland.

2. Barry O’Sullivan ($4-$20 million)

Barry O’Sullivan

Barry is another famous Irish businessman who spent the majority of his life in the United States, which is where he acquired his education and later worked in leading companies in Silicon Valley. Before venturing into becoming an entrepreneur, Barry worked with a series of companies, where he was appointed to high ranks in the company. He even held the position of senior vice president in a company. At present, Barry is the CEO of Altocloud and a leading investor in technology.

3. Gavin Duffy ($2-$20 million)

Gavin Duffy

Keeping aside his political career, Gavin Duffy is another famous and wealthy dragon in Dragon’s Den, Ireland. He didn’t get a good start to his career since his family owned and worked on a pig farm. However, with hard work and proper strategizing, the man has now become one of the owners of the HRM group of companies. Duffy has also run for the presidential election in 2018 but failed miserably.

4. Eleanor McEvoy ($1-$5 million)

Eleanor McEvoy

Eleanor is one of the most influential dragons on the show, whose expertise lies in green technologies. She is the CEO of Next-Gen Power, whose main objective is to revolutionize the concept of green energy for consumers and businesses across Ireland. She appeared in two seasons of the show but managed to leave a last impression.

5. Alison Cowzer ($1-$2 million)

Alison Cowzer

Alison is the founder of East Coast Bakehouse, a company that not only propelled her growth and fame but helped her land a spot in one of the most-watched television shows in Ireland, Dragon’s Den. She joined the same at the same time as Eleanor and Chanelle, bringing a lot of shifts to the show.

6. Chanelle McCoy ($1-$1.5 million)

Chanelle McCoy

Last on the list of dragons in Dragon’s Den, Ireland is Chanelle. Her career and entrepreneurial journey kicked off in the pharmaceutical industry. Besides running Chanelle Medical and Chanelle Pharmaceutical group, Chanelle also works on helping start-ups gain more precedence and growth. She is married to Sir AP McCoy.

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